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Infection or flare up??

I've had a virus for the last 5-6 days that wiped me..heavy head cold, temp etc.

Anyway, I'm now wheezy!! Every time I cough, there is sooo much gunk on my chest!! And the pain in my sternum is horrid when I cough!!

I've started myself on pred and haven't yet seen my Gp!! My husband had asthma too and he too has had the virus and when he saw Gp on Monday he was told to ride it out!! Anyway I'm too much of a wimp and am scared by my symptoms!!

I'm just wondering how you guys tend to diferrenciate between an infection and a flare up??

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Hi, if you're concerned seek medical help. Don't wait for a dr's appt. especially if you feel in pain when u cough & feel wheezy. I'm no expert, my 7 year old daughter has asthma but also suffers with many viruses & is currently home with a chest infection. She had pneumonia in Oct, so I'm very paranoid about taking chances. We were fobbed off for weeks with different meds then ultimately she was very poorly. Listen to your body & don't ever feel like you're being a nuisance! If u feel too bad go to your nearest a&e or walk in ctr. Hope u feel better soon x


If you've started your home pred then you shoud probably see your GP the next working day. I have home pred and need to see GP asap after starting it, or at least phone and chat to them.


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