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attack pending ?

Hello , I went to my GP yesterday morning and he said i had limited air flow my peak flow i barely moved the counter it was 70 i was short of breath pain in back generally felt unwell he sent me to hospital but because i ws calm n sats were good none seemed concerned, though my sats were good in clinic too. well i had a neb X-ray n bloods. junior dr came n listened she said same as gp said he would speak with her senior dr. any way another dr came round he never examined me he said to go for a walk with o2 monitor on it was dodgy whilst walking i fell on floor as legs gave way whih i warned him happens. but cos win sat dawn sats came back up h wasn't too concerned over breathing though i was struggling n feeling ill he was more concerned over mobility. but ig to he had treatments, still feeling rough my daughter slot in my room and said i was struggling to breathe in ky sleep. feel rough today too still parting with thick stick rubbery gu. but X-ray n bloods are normal yesterday apparently. i confused as i still needing two holy nebs n struggling ould i still ne pending an attack? i feel so poorly but don't want to bother the as i felt like a fraud yesterday despite suffering.

any advice welcomed i am a brittle asthmatic with little support so i am concerned

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Sorry to hear about your trouble, it sounds awful but not unfamiliar. My teenage son has had similar, bad asthma but SATs and Xray ok. And as usual no wheeze! Nebuliser helped but still felt breathless. Personally I think the lung tissue gets very inflamed and sensitive to the slightest thing, so my son feels ill and in pain even when the SATS are ok. Stress and tension make things worse. He has been told to take complete rest after an attack.

As far as you are concerned you must NEVER ever feel a fraud, and don't hesitate to contact medics if you feel unwell. That is what they are there for. Unfortunately doctors etc can vary in their approach/understanding, partly because asthma is so variable itself. We have been 'fortunate' on the whole (I am a life long asthmatic myself) but sometimes one has to push a lot to get heard. Have you been seen by a consultant? if not, I would ask your GP to refer you to one.

Good luck and I hope things improve for you.


Hope you feel better soon.Might be mean attack around the corner take it easy.I am brittle too. Do not worry about medics if u need to be seen then go thats best place for you xx Do you know u warning signs/triggers?


ty yes I'm struggling getting worse it hurts so much i now getting tickle irritant feeling in throat too now, chest so hevy n tight bcd in bits, my triggers everything n anything can set me off though this time I'm convinced it viral even though bloods were ok yesterday i know when i on slippery slope i cn def sense i on it again , each time i stand up i go dizzy i not beathing hard but shallow as it a lli can manage. i feel awful i pretty much on own as hubby can't see I'm struggling but kids can I'm fed up well n truly, hate this condition on max treatment, awaiting appointment as referring me tpfreemans at newcastle t see specialist there,

sorry for negativity but don't wanna bother drs unnecessarily but thinking imay have to call them out at this rate whether family members like itor not


Been there dont worry I know how it affects everything x Get checked out x Hopefully when u see specialist some plan of action can occur.


Ty, I'm feeling crummy , I know their plan is to reduce oral pred as now on kenalog too but feel too unstable to reduce. I should have gone to 45,on 29th for five days then to 40 but I just can't bring myself to do it so still on 50mg oral pred as well as the Injection . So I'm probably gonna be in bother tomorrow in clinic if I brave enough to go.. But I know when wwasvlikecthis in hospital the drastic. No way to reduce so I going by his advice as apprise to one I done feel knows me or listens to me. As I have two consultants and a when the one I not so comfortable eith was off it was the other team ofcdrsxwho were consistent with their advice n opinions. Sorry for rant and worry off load. I get frustrated knowing I struggling I feel a pattern with my health and I can see or feel things getting worse prob before drs notice, it nice to hear on here I not alone with experiences I'm knew it tricky for me to gage, n my base line low anyway people seem notvto worry till I get to crisis point which in my eyescisctoonlatw if they can prevent it grrrr sorrybi ranting again, but like u say hopefully something will get sorted this been gong on too many years being unstable.


No worries about venting that is what it is for. Been under specialists for 20 years and was on maintence dose of steroids for years. Had one good consultant but took time in getting a listening relationship and when I happened to be in out of hospital all the time then I was seen at my worst. Did discuss immuno suppressants at one point. But we got it under control, Then I fell pregnant despite contraception. So I was closely monitored and told the plan would be to induce at 37 weeks, but I was in and out with pregnancy and health then went into labour a lot earlier than that. Unfortunately consultant is now retired and I start the whole process again.

I find my Gp supportive and nurse as I have been rushed into hospital by them in past. I do find some younger medics clueless and I have had to say to new consultant read my file !! I get how frustrating it is been there got the tshirt. Hope you feel better soon.


Hi there thank you do much , it makes me feel better my Ned centre are good and understanding, they sent me in on Friday. I think I more upset as husband doesn't see when gad as base line so low, n drs who don't take time to listen in and go by just figures only. Now I'm finding it hard to go back with not feeling better, if I so it like calling them liars but don't wanna feel like a fraud again.. I'm torn as can't go in to hospital due to care for my kids. I been on steroids high doses for two yeArs. One dr said I too I'll for bronchi thermoplasty, physio say I too I'll for chest physio. So not sure what to think I know how I feeling, but it does make you doubt yourself, that why I posted in here, I was tempted to call a national asthma nurse on here for further advice cos if you don't wheeze or sats are reasonable it hard to prove a point.

This may sound odd but also have a lil gastric bug been since New Year's Eve. Early hours of 1/1/15 could this aggravate things too ?

Thank you for your support


Could be linked you never know.

Give asthma uk nurses a ring if you want I am sure they have probably come across this before were medics are ?

You could ask/get some leaflets off them for your partner to try and understand. Fortunately my partner has seen me blue lighted from gps to hospital after nebs not worked a few times. Although it was scary for him he so me really poorly.

I know when I was retired due to ill health at 26/27 I struggled with it all and so a health clinical psychologist following a recent hospital admission after a nurse referred me (who also happened to be a friend, she knew I wasn't coping and approached the subject with me in hospital). The CP helped me think about my illness, triggers, management, anxiety, dislike of hospitals (as after a week I would end up discharging only to be back a week or so later), high dosage of steroids (I get manic).

I have 2 children and I know I have avoided going to gp, out of hours, a & e but I was also then given a home neb which really helped if I didn't get better I would go and seek help. But it also meant I didn't have to keep going back and forth to gps whilst being a mum to 2 little ones. I am still brittle and had 8/9 courses of steroids in past year, but not on a maintance course. . I think that's partly due to new consultant messing my meds around a bit not reading history as haven't been admitted in hospital for years. I also now work part time.

Make sure you are on bone protection I use to be aldenic acid cause of steroids.

Take care


Hi Ty he too as seen me blu lighted and in icu by skin often missed out on Induced coma , I have doesn't many t es in hospital he just doesn't get it. I'm feeling dreadful now I find it hard to get help when hubby doesn't get it n some drs n nurses get hung up on numbers so annoying. I have to be brave for my girl as she has health issues n my health makes her aworse, but I can feel self deteriating I gonna have to pluck up courage n see consultant tomorrow. Though I really don't want to . I am finding my attacks gettng worse.

I'm on calcichew with vit d, aldrenic acid, high pred n kenalog though they are awaiting pred reduced but I'm not handling well at all. I have also got to stage where my legs keep giving way now so in wherl chair such a pain in bottom. They say I'm in max treatment I been referred to specialist centre in newcastle awaiting to hear re this.

One thing re being brittle constantly seem t jump through hops to what feels like proving condition. I have had enough now fighting n hubby re health , n he won't read literature icu spoken with him my consultant a spoken with hm but no joy. He got nit with me s my go sent me in Friday


Seen consultant today he agrees xant go by numbers with me, ipf I feel worse or no improvement I have to go to a n e , I on. Strong antibiotics n not to reduce steroids further yet. Feeling a lil more reassure .thought is better update


Glad to hear your update. I use to go off numbers with my old consultant a long time ago when I was on long term steroids. Sometimes it gets worse before it gets better that's all I can say. Hopefully you will stabilize and they can then get it right for you. At least consultant seems to know you and what is bet for you as we are all different that is what some medics struggle with as we are not all classic textbook cases lol.Take Care x


Hi ty yes they been struggling g to sort me for six years now x but I still holding on only just x hate way it makes me feel but got to accept it my lot ty for your support


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