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asthma after quitting smoking

My asthma was under control for years, (I am 20) I had to take sulbutamol twice a day however never needed my reliever. I unfortunately went on holiday and smoked for roughly 4 days,,,However since then I now have a constant wheeze which my inhalers will not get rid of. I have been to the GP throughout November and December however nothing has helped, been on 2 courses of steroids with little improvement. Am now on 250 seratide and there is some mild improvement however it is not relived breathing as I once had before. Anyone have anything similar after stopping or starting to smoke? I have not smoked anything since. Anyone had improvements. Not sure how to proceed now with getting my breathing back to normal.

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Sounds like it's asthma after smoking as opposed to quitting, as sounds like the smoking caused it to get worse...unless you smoked before?

Don't have experience of that except being anywhere smoky makes me worse so suspect smoking might. But sorry I don't know how long one could expect an improvement to take.


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