Has anyone else felt awful after the Flu jab

Hello :)

I had a flu jab this morning and I've felt absolutely awful since. The nurse told me that they weren't aware of any side effects this year, however I know that there will have been but just unreported (like me!). Within about 5 mins I had developed a headache and nausea. By the time I'd walked home (about a mile) I felt so drained of energy and my flatmate said I looked very unwell, just what I wanted to hear! I felt slightly better after a cup of tea and managed to get a bit of uni work done but couldn't face eating anything or decide if I was hot or cold. I had a tutorial this afternoon and my tutor also asked if I was ok, he said he was concerned that I was about to collapse. Since then I have had a 2 hour nap and still feel drained, nauseous and have a headache. I managed to force myself to eat and now really regret it.

Sorry for the moan but I'm the only one in the flat and have no one here to moan act/ give me a hug!

Is it an evil flu jab this year? I've only had one flu jab before and was fine with that.

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  • Hi

    To be honest I had the same episode and my lecturer actually sent me home or to be more precise back to the drs who said that it should go after a few days. But just felt absolutely drained and had to have like a week off from uni and at the end ended up in the hospital with the asthma . But its just a terrible flu jab and since then had 2 episodes of cold so dont know what its suppose to do

  • Had mine this morning and feel awful my asthma is really brittle and often makes me very unwell. Last year I had it and it made me really sick. I saw my gp this morning for a post admission check up and we both agreed that now is as good a time as any to have it as getting proper flu is not an option.

    I don't feel very well at all this evening, however I am following my asthma action plan and don't need anything further than what I can do at home.

    Get well soon xxx

  • I've not had mine yet (appointment on thursday) but my mum had hers last week, she said she spent the entire day sneezing after she's had it.

    I'll let you know how i get on

  • Am feeling a bit rough after mine, but that might be coincidental with the many cold germs drifting my way from daughter No. 1.

  • Yes I did. I had it on the Wednesday evening 2 weeks ago, I have it every year but this time I had temperature and a cold. The surgery told me I wasn't the only one. But I still don't feel great. I have conjunctivitis now as well it must be my immune system is down.

  • I felt really rough for about 2 weeks after my flu jab. Teenage son (also asthmatic) didn't. But having had flu once and been really ill I still opt for the flu jab.

  • Hi :)

    I had it 12 days ago. Guess I must be one of the lucky ones as have had no side effects at all.

  • I just got a call from my gp saying i need to have another flu jab as i didnt have one. When i m sure i had one on the 20th! And felt terrible after it getting the flu the next day and then getting a chest infection a week later!?

  • Hi I had my flu jab 10 days ago.I have brittle asthma. Have now got a chest infection just stayed away from A+E. But feel really rough going to Drs tomorrow also diabetic so really could do without chest infection.

  • Hey, I was offered the flu jab but I'm giving it a miss this year because usually I am ill with chest infections after jab so I've opted out this year :)

  • I had mine this morning - so far so good except a slighlty sore arm

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