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Deteriorating asthma


I am only 19 and had asthma since a child but for the last 2 years or so its just significantly got worse. At the moment admitted to bospital since Sunday when I was only discharged on thursday?.

Been in and out of hospital and only just getting worse. Was admitted with silent chest in very much critical condition. Up until now keep gettingworse and worse attacks and peak flows are just falling ?.

Also the attacks come on very suddenly and progress very fast to very severe.?

In the meantime the drs dont want to change my meds or add an extra med and expect me to get better ? which is not happening?.

Already on max meds and just trying to cope which is not happening either. My spirits are low as the drs keep telling me that sorry but nothing can be done to help you. Just feel really down

Has anyone been through this? Or got any ideas of how to deal with it? I am only 19 not even 20 and this is maybe my 30-40 hospital visit this year !


Also been referred to the brompton but it takes a while till i see someone

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Oh Yas, I haven't been through this, but wanted to send you a hug. Im so sorry that you are having such a bad two years - 30 -40 visits, incredible!

I have heard such good reports of the Brompton, I really hope you can see them soon. in the meantime, can you get any counselling help, via your GP, to help you with your low spirits, maybe also to devise some action plan/ reading/ writing projects that can be undertaken when you feel well enough in hospital?


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