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Steroids & brittle asthma


I've had asthma since 2008 and it is not normal asthma - relievers don't help and airs, allergys set me off so I avoid grass my main allergy like the plague so summers not much fun!

I was finally diagnosed with brittle asthma over a year ago, I thought my asthma was under control and then what like a tonne of bricks a chest infection has appeared just in time for my trip to barcelona on Sunday!

I was at the dr yesterday and I've been prescribed clarithamycin for 7 days and 30mg steroids for 7 days thankfully my peak glow was still ok, but like my dr said as soon as I feel something I need to get in and get antibiotics

My question is I usually only take 30mg for 5 days should I do the 7 days or reduce to 20mg has anyone done this

The steroids work but I really don't sleep when I'm on them and I just end up worn out for weeks after - any tips?!

Thanks in advance

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Maybe phone the nurses on the helpline here?


I did the Clarithromycin and also 7 days of 30mg Pred this summer, I didn't notice a huge difference in taking Pred for the two extra days so hopefully you won't either. Hope you feel better soon.


If that's what they've given you, I would deffo take it. Especially if your asthma is brittle as you want the inflammation to be dampened right down or it could come back with a vengeance.

Hope they work and you have a great trip to Barcelona x


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