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Child with Asthma

Hi all.

I am new to this forum and new to asthma. My DD (5) has just been diagnosed with asthma and we are just going through all the testing now for allergy's and possible triggers. Long story but from conception it has been a roller coaster ride. DD has had inhailers from birth to help her undeveloped lung but nothing prepared me for an attack that took us to hospital for 10 days. The first was November last year. It was the scariest thing I ever went through with DD. Then a second attack in february this year. I doubt I am fully recovered from my trauma from conception to now so I find I struggle a little with things medically. I am terrified each time DD gets a cold so I am looking for coping strategies so I am not so emotional.

Any tips, pointers will be of great help.

Thanks in advance.

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Sorry to hear about your daughters asthma. What medication is she on at the moment?

I can really sympathise with your post. My son had his first 'attack' at 4 months old.

He is now 2 and a half and I am now at the stage where I also dread him catching a cold.

Even with the mildest of colds his breathing is affected straight away.I am guessing she is

Still under the consultant?


Hello dee

I am sorry to hear of DD's attacks. I understand how terrifying they are and hopefully you will be able to find support from others going through similar experiences.

It can be very daunting understanding everything the medical team are telling you especially at traumatic times. I found having a note book handy, to jot down stuff I didn't understand fully and google later or ask questions about. I also was expected to remember all the details of my daughters admissions and medication doses. Which when they are on a truck load of pills and are in and out of hospital its hard to remember details when you are worried like that so again its handy.

I have found it hard finding others who understand Asthma, thankfully for most people their experience is having an inhaler gathering dust in the back of drawer but maybe connecting through blogs like this we can help support each through the scary times that no-one else understands unless they have either been through them themselves or have watched their child suffer.

take care




I do empthasise with you, as it must be a very traumatic experience. My son ( 3 years ) was only diagnosed with Asthma a few months ago, so we are yet to experience a Winter with it. Although I am dreading when he starts getting colds again though, as his breathing really suffers at night when his nose is blocked as he has enlarged tonsils/ adenoids too. It gets very erratic and stops for a few seconds, almost like sleep apnea.

I am new to all this too, but I did see a nurse yesterday, who told me to try and change bedding to non allergenic ones, although I should imagine you may have already done that. Also hoover twice a day to cut down on dust.

I hope you can find some answers soon....



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