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Another difficult night

Good afternoon :)

There ve been a lot of wildfires recently and they ve been bothering me quite a bit in addition to the cold I ve recently caught as well as the Incense and cleaning chemicals that were used in the house yesterday. All this and I m only five days I to my vacation from uni. Last night was quite scary to be honest. I started wheezing ( not a usual symptom for me as my main symptom is a rather persistent cough) and felt quite poorly. My inhalers didn't help much and I just say up in bed and cried. My mate and I had a bit of an argument before he went to bed so I didn't want to wake him as I somehow felt responsible for his despondent mood. I did however message two of my friends from medical school who did attempt to reassure and calm me. This morning doesn't seem as scary I m still thight chested and having a bit of difficulty breathing but the wheezing has subsided. Why is it always so difficult at night. My apologizes for the length of this post. Just trying to get some of my thoughts and feelings out. It has been a bit cathartic. Hope everyone is doing well and those who are poorly are on the mend. Have a lovely day.

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Hi Jasmine, I have been feeling wheezy, tight chest last night and all day today. I have Hayfever aswell as asthma double whammy! All I was told my parents (I live away from home too- 20yr) and just heavy breathing, have something sugary for sugar levels so u dont faint aswell!


Dear Berry

I m sorry to hear you re doing quite poorly as well *hugs* I do hope you feel better soon. I understand what you mean I also suffer from terrible hay fever. My parents are the sort that don't believe in asthma being a genuine medical condition and thought it was all in my head as a result its only gotten proper care when I went of to uni and have regular appointments at clinic there. I ve been have lots of tea with a extra bit of sugar just in case but thank you for the advice. Have you tried singular for the allergies? I m on it and it helps a bit perhaps you can mention it at your next cons appointment. Nice meeting you. Thank you for your kind reply. take care *hugs*


Thanks Jasmine, I will try to remeber that! Have u tried salt inhaler? I haven't but I'm wondering about it :s just want to control it as it was so hard to work today x


Hello Berry :)

you re most welcome :) I haven't tried the himalayan salt inhaler or anything in the way of alternative therapeutics. Aww I do hope your hay fever gets sorted soon. Have you tried nasocort or nasonex? There's another wildfire and the house reeks of smoke. I feel dreadful, tight chest, difficult to breathe, annoying cough and itchy watery eyes. Its the third consecutive day of wildfires here. I hope it doesn't last much longer as my meds aren't helping much and I feel terrible. Its gong to be a long night :(


I haven't no....just looking at other medications really :) and aww seems bad too :/ hope it gets better! I suppose shutting out the smoke as much as u can be best x


Well I ve been indoors as much as possible with the windows and doors shut but its still managed to affect me badly :( Hope it gets sorted soon. I ve found sometimes simple things like sunglasses and wide brimmed hats, staying well hydrated, help with pollen allergies. Also avoiding triggers as much as possible. Hope this helps and you have a good night :)


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