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What is happening?

This has happened twice now... I wake up in the night with a tight chest and phlemy (bringing up phlem and can feel it bubbling in my chest) and so I do all my inhalers and my nebulisers and it won't shit the feeling, then a couple hours later I throw up... But it's not random vomit it's mucus colour sometimes a bit of vomit comes up but not often, this has happened twice now and I don't know why but after this happens my chest feels completely normal and I'm not breathless anymore.

Any advice would be brilliant right now as it's really starting to annoy me



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Hello dear :)

I ve never experienced those symptoms in the way you ve described and as such I m unsure of what to say. If you are still unwell please see your physician and get it taken care of soon. Hope you having a good night. Take care :)


I'm not a doctor, but it sounds to me like you might be coughing it up, swallowing (can happen involuntarily) and because there's so much mucus your body gets rid of it by bringing it back up. It's happened to my son quite a bit, though he's not an asthmatic (that's me!). In any case, if it's happening often, sounds like you need to review your medication, so probably worth booking an appointment. Good luck and hope it gets better soon!


I agree - it sounds like you are coughing up the mucous, swallowing it and then your stomach is grumbling about it and getting rid of it by vomiting. That's fairly common, especially in kids when they get a chest infection. Stomachs don't like to be full of chest mucous.


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