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Morning dip in peak flow + symptoms

Does anyone here have issues with morning dips in their peak flow, that coincide with coughing/wheezing fits? I've had asthma for nearly 2 years now, I started out just using Ventolin and was diagnosed based on wheezing, coughing fits and massive variations in my morning and night peak flow... Since then I've used Clenil, Serevent, Seretide, Symbicort and now Flutiform and I still find that I have a morning dip (although it is a lot smaller than when I was first diagnosed) with my asthma symptoms being worse in the morning unless something triggers me later in the day. I was just wandering if it is normal to have a morning dip with asthma? I know that peak flow naturally varies throughout the day but it shouldn't come with symptoms should it?

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My cons always says that long acting relievers (I assume your flutiorpfrom) should be taken late at night because wheezy people are at their most wheezy in the morning. I think it's normal for you to feel at your worst in the morning, but it is a sign that your asthma isn't properly controlled and so may mean you should go back to whoever looks after your asthma and ask for a review of your meds! :-)


I tend to take Flutiform at about 10.30 or 11pm... Should I be taking it later than that?

I see my asthma nurse in May/June time so I will talk to her then about the morning dip.


That's probably late enough tbh! I'd see if you could get an earlier appt if the symptoms are bothering you! :-)


Thanks Soph :)


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