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rhinitis and montelukast

Hi. I saw a consultant about 6 weeks ago that said to change to symbicort 2 puffs BD for a month and if my asthma was not well controlled to introduce montelukast. The GP has issued the prescription for montelukast anyway, but I've not had a review as I'm waiting for the referral hospital appointment (will now be seen by the team there rather than GP practice). Well, with the weather improving, my asthma is ok, but now suffering with rhinitis and wonder whether the montelukast might have an effect there? Also using a nasal spray (nasonex) and cetirizine, both help but are not fully controlling symptoms.

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I started montelukast about 7 weeks ago mainly for my rhinitis symptoms and have found an improvement in my constant throat clearing/ irritation in throat/ cough but not my nasal symptoms.

ENT have just changed my antihistimine from fexofenadine to neoclarityn so will see if that helps


Thanks. Well, I'm not sure how long it takes to start working, but a week into the treatment and I can't say that I've noticed any big difference. That said, I feel ok today, so we'll see! I'm due to see the asthma nurse at some point in the next 6 weeks, so will discuss things with her and also the possibility of another antihistamine. Cetirizine does work for my other allergies (urticaria mainly) but it does make me a bit sleepy.


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