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Fundraising ideas

I have felt a lto recently that my body is taking away HUGE parts of me, and what I am able to achieve. I know i get caught up in all the fun stuff i used to be able to do (God what I wouldnt do to go climbing!!) but I am trying to be more positive and focus on what I can do I also want to feel like my illness is less of a defining part of me, which i feel currently it is (possibly not so much from the outside, but deffo in my head) and I want to have other things people say about me! So i wanted to do some fundraising, probs for AUK as lets be honest, closer to my heart! But trying to think of things I can do. I'm not allowed to do a fast, and would probably not be able to do any exercise based things, (well - i maybe could, but i dont want my illness to take over and if i ended up captured trying to do this it would be devastating), so wondered if anyone had any ideas??

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Do you have any village/town fairs nearby where you could have a stall? Where I live all the local villages have one around May/June. Face-painting is always really good fun and a good way to make money.


Hi Soph,

I work for a small company called JimmyJoe's, we can help you to raise funds without you having to do much than fill up a bag of clothing!!

Where abouts are you based?

Check out our youtube video for more info :)


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