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Ascape Holidays


I'm a previous participant of Kick Asthma Hols (Or PEAK as they were when I was on them!) who then went on to volunteer for many years. The holidays totally saved me as a teenager having been off school for 2 years with brittle asthma. They gave my family respite, built up my confidence, helped me to make friends who understood me and essentially made the person I am now (that may sound fairly drastic but it's true). I was devastated when I heard AUK would no longer be running Kick Asthma as I know there are so many children and young people who could benefit from what I had. But had resigned myself to the fact that the decision was made and sadly that part of my life was over.

HOWEVER- all is not lost! A lovely bunch of people with stacks of experience of not only asthma, eczema and allergies but also of running residential medically supported holidays for kids have set up their own charity- ASCAPE! As far as I know it will be very much run along the lines of Kick Asthma in structure (though it is not connected to Asthma UK) and they will be running their first holiday this summer in Staffordshire. They are looking to seek out those young people who might just need this sort of experience, So I thought this might be a good place to start as I would so love to know the good work that started as PEAK all those years ago for me can continue :-)

Take a look at the website for more info ascape.org.uk/

K xx

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