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More steroids and antibiotics

So today I have been back at doctors because I still feel rough. My manager told me to. I have had a bad cold which left me with a chest infection. I have had two lots of antibiotics and steroids. But still feel rough. My peak flow is still lower than it should be.

My chest still hurts to breathe and I keep losing my voice. My gp has put me on another course of antibiotics and two more weeks of steroid tablets. I have used a whole ventalin inhaler in a week. I have the shakes on off but if I don't use my inhaler then I can't breathe.

To top of the last two weeks I fell over two times and my leg is covered in bruises and today I cut my finger which bleed over all my work till I stemed the flow. I guess I'm feeling rather sorry for myself at the moment. I am dyspraxic so fall over a lot.

I have to see my gp in the new year to review my asthma and to make sure my peak flow goes up. My manager has given me extra time off ver Xmas to get over this as she has never seen me so bad.

Sorry needed to rant.

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