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I recently have been given Sotalol ,a beta blocker, to take for a recently diagnosed heart arrythmia.

A recent chest infection and G.P gave me clarithromycin. I queried it as label said they do not mix. . She insisted it was fine. Took it but my cardiologist was not pleased.

Any body else any experience with this?

Take clinil,montelukast and ventolin. With Pred on exacerbation.

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thats interesting, as I can't find any interactions listed for clarithromycin and beta blockers or sotalol specifically in the most recent British National Formulary. What does it say the interaction is? What did your cardiologist say?

I think its more likely to do with your arrhythmia itself, rather than the two drugs together, as clarithromycin should be used with caution in patients with prolonged QT interval.


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