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Shattered and fed up!

Hi not been on here for a while,

I'm on my second chest infection since 21st October so second lot of antibiotics and pred. To be honest I don't think the first infection cleared properly as I still got short if breathe quite easy, coughing and was coughing up yucky sticky clear mucus

I'm on my 3rd day of pred and antibiotics and even walking across the room makes me break out into a coughing fit. short of breath and sorry to be so detailed coughing up thick coloured mucus. I'm awake coughing still during the night which is driving my other half crazy .... So feeling very worn out and fed up.

My usual PF is 350 but since Monday it's been between 250-270.

I was only diagnosed in April after a terrible winter health wise but summer wasn't as bad.... My GP said looks like winter is going to effect me more..... Is this something that I will have to put up with every winter? I've already had to take time off work.

Sorry for such a downhearted post but I can honestly say I hate asthma, hate chest infections and I am starting to hate winter!

Lisa x

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Hi Lisa

I've always get very asthmatic with infections as well, and share your feelings about winter - i can't even light a fire for cosiness as the smoke is contraindicated these days.

Sending you a hug in sympathy, hope you feel better soon. keep an eye on that peak flow.


Thanks Winnie, pleased I'm not the only one who sufferers this. Makes me feel fed up as I hate to be slowed down!

Lisa x


I feel your pain Lisa, there is quite a few of us on here who are worse in the winter months. sadly in England this seems to take up most of the year.


Sorry to hear that for many of us it's the season of gloom with antibiotics and pred our early

Christmas boxes. Your not alone there are millions of us in the same boat I'm sorry to say.

Don't suffer in silence knock on your Asthma nurses door mines brilliant there there to help.

If your not happy go back discuss your symptoms if you can't get an appointment can you

go on a callback list for the same day mines does that for me. Read everything you can ring

the helpline don't suffer in silence.

I buy my asthma nurse some nice chocolate once a year for all her help and kindness

she goes the extra mile and just to show my appreciation. As for the other half invest in some

Ear plugs for them. Ps sea air makes me feel better winter or summer.


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