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diagnosis help

I hope this is ok to post. I've not been diagnosed with asthma but I've been having trouble breathing for the past few weeks and I've been coughing a lot I don't have a cold or infection and other than the breathing and coughing I feel fine, using a blue inhaler makes breathing easier I'm using my inhaler at least 3 times a day when I first wake up, just before I go to bed and at least once in between. I'm pretty sure I have asthma and I'm going to see the nurse at the drs on Friday for a spirometry test, I'm really worried that they'll think I don't have asthma cause I don't wheeze and I've been reading on here how people have difficulty getting medical professionals to believe them if they don't wheeze,

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Hi and welcome :-) this forum has been a bit of a lifeline for me over the last few months. I have very severe asthma, like a fair few of is on here, so the first thing to say is don't be scared by a lot of us on here!!

As for diagnosis, it's good that the blue inhaler is helping you :-) have they given you a peak flow meter to check your peak flows at different times of the day, and also before/after using the blue? This is how I was eventually diagnosed due to the variation in peak flow. Spirometery is fine too, a bit of a faff but don't worry. There are a lot of us on here who don't wheeze, but wheezing doesn't rule asthma in or out. I don't wheeze that often, mostly get very tight, short of breath, cough etc.

Hope you can get a diagnosis soon and that things improve and settle down. Browse the site, you'll find loads of info, but as I say don't be scared by the stuff people post, because it's not particularly common what a lot of us on here experience!!

Good luck :-) Laura x


No I haven't been given a peak flow meter I was first given an inhaler in February 2012 by my gp after a really bad cold when I just couldn't shift the cough but after the cough went I was fine until last winter when same thing happened and the gp told me if it didn't get better to book in with the nurse for a spirometry test last week I had to go to the nurse anyway for my annual diabetic review so I figured I'd just mention the breathing problems to her and she booked me in for the test but she's not the nurse that does the tests thankfully as I don't like her


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