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For a while now, I've had a cheap medic alert bracelet from Argos, but it's not very clear to someone that it's an alert bracelet. My GP recently advised me to sign up to the medic alert site, where I can get an 'official' alert bracelet. However, when I went on the site it turns out there's a £30 registration fee. Does anyone know why this is? I only need a £20 bracelet, not a £50 cost of a bracelet plus registering to a site that I probably won't need again for years? I'm confused!

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  • I love that my bracelet isnt too obvious, many many docs and paras have spotted mine, and checked what it said, and thats when i was fully conscious and therefore they were not looking for it. from my understanding part of their training is to look for medic alert on an unconscious person as they go to check your pulse. and the only time you really need it is when unconscious although i do use mine when i cant talk to get name and DOB across!

    the official medic alert things, (universal medical ID people) have a phone line that paras can ring to get all your info, this is especially valuable for people who have very complex medical histories, that would not all fit onto the tiny bracelets! thats what the cost is for as well, to help pay for the phone line! i think in some cases they can waive the reg fee, but i think you'd have to contanct them directly to find out about that, i think it might depend on getting certain benefits!?! I dont have one from that site i can fit my name, DOB, ICE, and asthma and adrenal insufficiency on mine, i didnt actually get one specifically for the asthma, its the adrenal insufficiency that its more relevant for for me as thats whats more likely to make me end up unconscious! there are quite a few good sites which are much cheaper, you can google it. but if your GP wants you to have universal medical ID ones then i guess keeping alive is worth the money! lol! I think as long as youtr medical ID back has the proper symbol on it then it would be spotted if needed though!

    how are you doing atm anyways? HTH!

  • I like Ice Gems, I think if I have to wear it everyday then it could be at least be pretty!

  • Im a member of medic alert. It is the one most recognised by ambulance and hospital personnel, and the dedicated emergency phone line is based with the london ambulance service (which stores your vital medical information to share with professionals in an emergency). It is well worth the money. They have two pages of medical information stored for me - not just diagnosis but treatment plans, risks, allergies etc, next of kin, all my medication, and all that jazz. If you receive any of the following benefits you can get the membership paid for: Income Support, Job Seeker’s Allowance, Housing Benefit, Council Tax Benefit, Employment Support Allowance, Incapacity Benefit or Pension Credit or Savings Credit. You need to send a recent copy of your benefits entitlement. You also get a credit card sized thing to keep on your person with more info than will fit on the bracelet (if youre anything like me, I would need a t-shirt to get all my info on LOL). It far outweighs what can be achieved by wearing just a bracelet, it has all the back up system to provide relevant info to medical personnel when its needed.

    Wrist ones are much more likely to be seen than necklace based ones btw. I have the black sports strap one as they are robust and plain.

  • Ooh I like the sound of that as I'm on income support (because I'm 16 and live in local authoritative care and am still in education).. I'll give them a call later then

  • But how do you apply for a membership if you're on income support?

  • I am signed up to the medical alert site and have found it to be really good. I have it for allergies rather than asthma so it might be slightly different but they do hold a lot more information than the bracelet. It is also easy to change/add to the information they hold. In my opinion, the extra money really paid off when I had a very quick and very severe allergic reaction while alone in the middle of town. Apparently the paramedic who got their first (the cycling kind) used the bracelet to identify an allergic reaction and could administer an Epipen quickly and then found out all my medical details and care plans for follow up care (like I should take 10 puffs of my inhaler or a neb as soon as possible even if an Epipen has been administered). On the way to hospital, the paramedic told me how good it was to know so much about me and how much time it saved in getting the best treatment.

  • Just catching up on things now. Medic Alert are no longer funding memberships for people on benefits due to the current economy. Myself and my flatmate were trying to renew our memberships and found this out.

    Just thought I should point this out!

  • elephant2001 - yeah I called them last week and found that out _._ but I've now forked out for the full fee of it.. Annoying but it has to be done I suppose!

  • I didnt realise they had stopped it. Still, its a brilliant service for what equates to about 60p a week - cant really grumble at that!

  • Hello all-

    So about this medic alert bracelet... I ordered it on the 25th August. It's now the 6th October and it still hasn't arrived! Has anyone else waited such a long time for their medic alert id??

  • I think it does say on the website up to 28 *working* days. Mine took about that.

  • It's been about 35 working days now I think..

  • Has your payment been taken Annie? If so theres a chance the bracelet has been lost coming to you, or could it possibly have arrived while you were in hospital and someone taken it in for you? If the payment hasnt been taken then possibly it got lost going to them. Either way Id either call or email them to see whats happening.

    I need to get one when I escape too, not only for the asthma itself but to make sure Im not given theophylline as it is dangerous with another drug Im on.

  • I emailed them the other day, this was the reply:

    Dear Ms Balfour,

    The Order time is a 28 Working days, rather than 28 days (not including bank holidays).

    We have processed the order at production and it will be with you very shortly.

    So I guess I'm still waiting?

    Also, sparkly, what's the other drug you're on?? As I'm on theophylline

  • Mine is a sos talisman braclet with a spandex strap so easy to change information as glynis

  • Im on rofumilast, its not lisenced for asthma and as far as anyone knows Im only the 23rd asthmatic to be put on it, the other 22 being the initial trial!! Its actually lisenced for severe copd but not commonly used even for that - every single dr or pharmacist Ive told Im on it has had to look it up cos theyd never heard of it!

  • Bloody hell! 23 out of millions! Well.. Let me know how it goes then!

  • Ive been on it since June and as far as I know Ive only completely stopped breathing once since then (the drs were very worried at the time that I would die in my sleep as I was stopping breathing fairly regularly!) so it certainly seems to be helping. Its no miracle cure but another thing in the mix.

  • Interesting.. Well I'm very glad you didn't die! They don't really like putting me on experimental drugs as I'm only 16, but they did try me on tobramycin as an antiobiotic during an admission with a bad chest infection.. It worked! And as far as I know it's usually only used for cystic fibrosis

  • You probably had a pseudomonas infection, which is what that antibiotic is used for. People with CF are more prone to pseudomonas but so are folk with things like bronchiectasis, I've cultured it previously during infections. Good to hear it worked :)

  • They're starting to think that the damage to my lungs has caused bronchiectasis- I need to go for further tests though.

  • Oh that would be pants. Are they going to do a high res CT?

  • Yep, plus that thing where they inject dye into your veins to rule out a PE.

  • When are you going to have your tests done Annie

  • Asthma girl- not quite sure yet, just waiting for a letter with the date, except the problem is I've moved again :/ so when I go to the hospital on Wednesday for a check up I'll have to let them know

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