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The Conjuring

So I'm awake at 2am, partly because of my chest BUT mainly because I saw The Conjuring tonight (or last night, as it is now Saturday xD). Oh my lord, I'm never normally scared of films; I watched the exorcist when I was twelve, I found it hilarious. But this film is something else, it's the most accurately made supernatural horror I've ever seen.. I'm scared ;( has anyone else seen it yet?

Ooh and it made me think to ask y'all- what's the scariest film you guys have ever seen? And why?

Annie xo

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No Country For Old Men. Not a horror movie, but the main actor in it was awesome and scared me a lot! :). Also the German officer in Inglorioius Basterds.



I've just seen an advert for that, it showed clips of the film and clips of an audience watching it, all jumping in their seats! I love horror

films, but since having the kids I've turned onto a big wuss and don't like being made to jump! Besides, I have to watch them alone as my husband was scared watching the X-Files film!! Maybe I'll give it a miss.

Most scary film .....probably Stephen Kings 'Pet Cemetery' , its probably not really scary, but I was only a kid when I saw it and was probably the first scary I ever saw. I too thought the Exorcist was funny.


Hmm I'm not a big fan of horror movies because I am a big chicken/coward but I found the film Insidious and Sinister particulary scary lol


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