The Conjuring

So I'm awake at 2am, partly because of my chest BUT mainly because I saw The Conjuring tonight (or last night, as it is now Saturday xD). Oh my lord, I'm never normally scared of films; I watched the exorcist when I was twelve, I found it hilarious. But this film is something else, it's the most accurately made supernatural horror I've ever seen.. I'm scared ;( has anyone else seen it yet?

Ooh and it made me think to ask y'all- what's the scariest film you guys have ever seen? And why?

Annie xo

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  • No Country For Old Men. Not a horror movie, but the main actor in it was awesome and scared me a lot! :). Also the German officer in Inglorioius Basterds.


  • I've just seen an advert for that, it showed clips of the film and clips of an audience watching it, all jumping in their seats! I love horror

    films, but since having the kids I've turned onto a big wuss and don't like being made to jump! Besides, I have to watch them alone as my husband was scared watching the X-Files film!! Maybe I'll give it a miss.

    Most scary film .....probably Stephen Kings 'Pet Cemetery' , its probably not really scary, but I was only a kid when I saw it and was probably the first scary I ever saw. I too thought the Exorcist was funny.

  • Hmm I'm not a big fan of horror movies because I am a big chicken/coward but I found the film Insidious and Sinister particulary scary lol

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