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That'll learn me!

So - my asthma has been on the up since I got diagnosed with adrenal crap in March.

Today I ...

... thought and tweeted about how chuffed my consultant will be at the difficult asthma clinic in 3 weeks when I tell him I haven't had a proper scary attack since March

... walked the dog this morning in a newly cut hayfield and felt really happy that cutting the hay this year hasn't got to me

... had a tight chest after a fruit smoothie, but didn't really think much of it

... ran 6km this afternoon as an 'easy' run day - had to take my inhaler twice but carried on and only thought that it was 'interesting' as generally if I take it before exercise (which I had) then I'm good for at least an hour, and this was every 20 mins

... had a conversation with my partner when she got home about how bad all her clients are finding the pollen this year, and said I didn't think I'd had symptoms this mild since I was about 10, though I'd had 'some really mild symptoms' today

... discussed very casually over dinner the fact that my voice has been playing up for a couple of days, particularly today, just like 'it used to' before a big attack

... forgot to take my evening dose of hydro (which is only 1.5 mg so tiny)

... decided not to bother going downstairs to get room-temp bottled water to take it, and just drank straight from the cold tap

... immediately stopped breathing.

DUH! Total bronchospasm. Quickly grabbed vento-plus-spacer (we have 5 in different locations in the house). Was kneeling on the floor after 10 puffs and no relief thinking ""where is the epi?"" and ""if I use the epi do I need to dial 999, given that I can neb and HC at home?"" and ""I cannot be arsed with A&E on a friday night"" and all sorts of other complicated things, all while still not breathing. At all.

Fortunately (obviously) I managed to break the spasm. Luckily without needing the epi. Took a lot of ventolin but I can now speak and my sats are now fine. I haven't done a peak flow because it would set me off again. If I'm not sorted in another half hour I'll have a neb, and if that still doesn't fix it I'll give myself a hydrocortisone injection. And obviously if I'm still struggling or it happens again after that I'll go to the blooming hospital.

Can't believe I jinxed myself so badly! Idiot!

Either that or the reason I've had so many ""wow, my asthma is good at the moment"" thoughts today is because actually it was intruding into my consciousness in a way that it hasn't for a while.

Hopefully not to be repeated any time soon - I've had a few 4/10 and 6/10 attacks recently, but this was my first 10/10 since March. Have doubled my montelukast again (back to 20 instead of 10) and I'll do a few days of super-low-allergy eating and so on.

*sad face* because I had hoped I would never have an attack that bad again, but also *happy face* because it has been SO long since I last had one.


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Wow scary Curioser, fingers crossed things improve for you and you can avoid A&E xxx


All was fine in the end. I made sure it would be fine by getting ready absolutely everything we could need if I had a bad attack or an adrenal crisis (or, most likely, both) in the middle of the night. Syringes of hydrocortisone drawn up, epi-pen to hand, brand-new ventolin in the spacer, glucose, blah blah blah... made sure I had on PJs and pants that I'd be happy for paramedics to see. So obviously nothing happened and I slept like a baby :)

Not sure how to handle today, and whether to step my inhaled steroids back up... I think I will not run and will do housework instead; with all the windows open (between storms) and the haymaking all around us, I guess the house is probably full of dust and pollen.



eeek! Glad you had a good night and nothing happened. Also v glad to hear that the general trend is up.

Not really quite the same as I never have attacks anything like that, but I have been known to be similarly cavalier with triggers at times ('oops, I'm in a hurry...well yes it is very cold and I am getting symptoms but I need to catch the train, it'll be fine!)

Hope this was a blip for you.


Thanks P!

It wasn't really that I was being cavalier, more that it didn't even occur to me that it was going to be a problem.

Been cleaning lots today, so the house is way less dusty and polleny. Managed a 5k run with no lung issues but now - same time as last night - suddenly I'm tightening up. Hopefully I'll avoid a dramatic one this evening though - staying away from hot and cold things.



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