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Home peak flow vs Lung function test peak flow

Hi there!

I have been monitoring my peak flow twice daily for the past few years and my personal best is around 360, and my lowest is 200. However, I recently had a spirometry/ lung function test in the hospital and the technician gave me a value of 5.8 for my PEF- how does this relate to the peak flow readings I am getting at home? I have looked online and can't find any information on this, only what my normal values should be on the home peak flow metre for my age and height ( around 420, which means my home readings are about right.) Perhaps some of you who have had lung function tests before can help with this? Do I need to convert the reading from the lung function test to get a corresponding reading to my home ones?



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It depends what that 5.8 is is it the FEV or FEV1.

And the hospital lung function they use forced vital capactity and forced vital capacity in one second.


At home, your peakflow is in liter by minute (L/min) but when you do a spirometry test, the peak exiratory flow (PEF) is in liter by second (L/s).

A PEF of 5.8 L/s is a peakflow of 348 L/min.


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