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Hi Guys

I was wondering if asthma is classed as a disability?

I'm currently off work at the moment after a few bad asthma attacks the reason I can't work is because iam a cleaner an the dust and chemical sets me off again!

Don't no wat to do! Could my employer sack me?

I feel so bad not being able to work as now all the pressure to pay the bills is on my partner and we have a 9 month old baby so things are quite tough at the moment!

Any advice wud be great!!

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DLA is designed to met the cost releated to extra care needed because of a disability, so things like washing etc. Its not releated to your ability to work. Employment Support Allowence is if you are unable to work due to the disability, most likely need to attend a medical and prove that you are unable to work.

An employer can only fire you if reasonable adjustments have been made and still having problems, so the thing I would say is re-deployment, giving you masks etc.

getting any kind of disability benefits for asthma alone is very hard, its usually to do with the side effects of the medication, and severe symoptoms


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