New Singulair?

I get my medication in dosette boxes made up by the chemist for the month. I got my new months worth tonight and went to take my meds. I tipped them out and sat for about 10minutes wondering where my singulair had gone. It was then I realised I had a med in the tray I'd never seen before and worked it out to be the missing singulair.

It amused me telling my flatmate ""I'm now taking a little blue pill at bedtime!""

Anyone else seen this?

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  • Yes! I got given a box of it when I was in a few weeks ago to take while in (had a little argument over how much of it as someone had decided 20mg must be a mistake without asking) and was thinking 'wtf it's BLUE why is it blue?

    Wonder why it's changed? The packaging has changed before but not the actual pill.

  • you'd think pharmacists would tell people it's been changed?!

  • Ooo, mine are still normal but will watch out for asthma Viagra!!

  • My Singulair are still normal.

  • ive only had the weird blue ones in hosp, got very confusing as nurse hadnt noticed the change and so we couldnt work out what it was so she gave me all my bedtime meds again thinking she might have gotten one wrong! lol! still got the normal ones at home!

  • Maybe it's not a ""new"" Singulair but just a generic version of it.

  • its probably just a different brand of the generic drug as Gbrl has said. My drugs change brand from month to month, its no big deal.

  • It's the generic version, I had it last time and was confused too,

  • Just started a new pack of Singulair and my tablet is now blue.

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