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Medicine degree

Just a quickie, asking on behalf of a friend with brittle asthma, has been in and out of hosp a fair bit recently. She's wating to apply for graduate level medicine course, and while looking around she realised that she'd need to have a medical test thingy before she could enrol. I know there are a few medicall-y types on here, i wondered if any of you knew anything about the medical test for a degree in medicine, and whether a brittle asthmatic is likely to be told no!?! thanks for any info! hope all are well!

Soph x

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It is the same as nursing level course. Occupational Health, it varies on the university and what they ask, I was turned down when I appled to do nursing back in 2009 as I was having admissions mouthly and on 40mg of pred. But I do know some nursing students who are or have been on high dose steriods. the general tips is be truthful with them and know your triggers


I completed my medical degree and am just about to finish f1 (first year as a dr). Although I did my medical degree as an undergrad so don't know if it would be different for post grad.

Prior to starting med school I was on maintenance pred and had had quite a few admissions and under a consultant.

To be honest I can't even remember having to do/inform anyone when I started, I chose to discuss it with the pastoral team about half way through my first year due to absences. They were very supportive and supported me throughout all 5 years.

Prior to starting f1 I had to go and see occy health who requested a letter from my cons but again the trust have been very supportive regarding on calls etc. only work of warning is that to pass f1 you can't have more than 20 sick days so I have had to use some annual leave as I've had about 8 admissions during f1.

Tbh best thing is to be honest and if you can get a letter from your cons supporting you it goes a long way!

Hope that helps!!

B x


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