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need some suppport

Hi I´m Celeste, been asthmatic for two years by now. feeling so under the water today because of the amount of humidity in where I live so have to rise my blue inhaler in two puffs every 6 hours. I haven´t been attending uni for some weeks because of a bad cold, miss a very important test. what to do when you can´t do something because of your asthma? even when you get frustrated what do you do to improve your situation?

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Hi Celeste,

I sit around doing as little physical movement as much as possible. Play games on pc, read, watch tv and wait it out. Humidity is one of my main triggers also and really get the description of being under water.

Do you have a supportive GP or asthma nurse? Ventolin usually lasts 4 hours are you able to take it more frequently? What other meds are you on?

You are not alone Celeste, there are plenty of us on here on the asthma rollercoaster!


Thanks JF! I´ve changed seretide for frevia some days ago, I´m also on spiricort, montelukast and loratidina for allergies. I´ve got a neumonologyst I am from Argentina, here we don´t have an asthma nurse. I saw my neumonologyst last week, he told me I was with a cold (it is winter here) so I am to stay indoors, in bed and try not to expose myself to triggers. I am able to take it every four hours if lungs are needing it he told me to do it every 22 min. or so and then to take a corticoid.

I try to do same, I´m a bookworm! do my best to study as well, thanks for the support JF! nice to know we are not alone, here there are no support for people with asthma. For instance, what worries me the most is to loose a class at uni, if I get married I get to skip classes but if I have asthma and a cold, I have to go all the same because it is of no justification for them. that´s what got me kinda blue. feeling better now after reading some stuffs here. glad to have found this place! :)


Welcome and sorry to hear you are not feeling well.

When things are difficult, I put together a to-do list of personal projects and some less fun stuff that needs to get done. The main thing about the list is that it helps me focus and make the best use of the good spells. When I'm having a good spell I try to get something done from the list. And if things aren't doing well I try to give myself permission to rest.

Hope you feel better quickly.


Thanks Beth, felling better now :) thanks for the advice! sounds pretty good idea that one of organizing things up! :) hope you are feeling good as well :)


Thanks for the thanks :-) and glad to hear you are feeling better. I'm doing reasonably well myself too. Hope all remains well.


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