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Asthma Flare-Up -

1) Asthma Symptons getting worse for the past couple of months - Have seen Asthma Nurse

2) Hayfever

3) Cold - Cheers niece

1) was improving since the nurse up-ed my preventer, until 2) kicked in, though hayfever tablets slightly helped 1), however this week my niece has ""kindly"" given me her cold. Which has kicked all the improvements to 1) out the window.

I can't take hayfever & cold meds together, so it's one or the other. So my hayfever has been running rampant till I can kick the cold.

For issue 1) I'm supposed to be taking my PF daily, but everytime I try and blow into the meter, I'm coughing like mad, and can't get any higher than 250.

Oh well good thing I'm due to go back to the Asthma Nurse tomorrow to review my PF reading.

Thanks for reading.

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You poor thing, I do hope you start to feel better soon.

Good luck with your appointment tomorrow when you see the Asthma Nurse.



All the nurse did was look at my PF Diary, and just told me to continue with the recording and the increased Preventer. As she couldn't do the tests she was planning, whilst I've got a cold. So I have to return in 3mths time.

I also have to do a food diary, as my GP thinks I may have coeliac's. For some reason, this was discussed in my Asthma Review.

However nothing was discussed about how I could work with my PF meter, whilst suffering with a cough & cold. I think it's time to call the helpline.


Ahh sorry you're not feeling good. PF is a bit of a tricky one sometimes - I sometimes have a pretty good pf when feel bad but then other times its not great when I feel ok (at that secon point I start to get a little worried). If its any help my AP goes on both PF and symptoms - assuming you have a plan?

I know some of the chemists etc check inher technique etc (lloyds and boots) perhaps you could see if they can help with pf method?

Hope this helps, Laura


). If its any help my AP goes on both PF and symptoms - assuming you have a plan?

Sadly I haven't been given a plan yet, I was just told to book an appointment, as and when I feel the need to see someone


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