Is it time..... I think it might be

Struggling from 17:45 this evening with tight chest and SOB have been wheezing. Used 14 Bricanyl reliever and 6 back to back nebs.

Have used a total of 28 reliever for day. Oxygen sats 93. Peak flow was 100 but I have it up to 140 now. I am trying so hard to stay away from A&E but I think it might be time for the little green men. (She says reluctantly).

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  • Sorry to say this but I think it might! best ring them asap, hope it's a flying visit only.

  • Hey, really sorry, but I think that its time to give them a ring if you haven't already. The sooner its done (hopefully) the sooner it will be sorted - perhaps a neb or 2 and being watched for a few hours.

    Please don't do what I did over the last week. I hate being captured.

  • o no asthmagirl girl think u need to call the green men/women NOW ! hope you are ok?


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