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Air Travel with inhalers

I'm planning on traveling to Scotland to visit Family and put together my family tree. But am worried about taking my inhalers onboard the plane. As I usually only take hand language on these trips,

Considering the health of my grandmother, I had thought to request a prescription script to fill when I get there, and leave those inhalers there. As I'm the only one in the family that works from home, no commitments stopping me from going without notice (work from home).

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It's fine to take imhalers etc in hand luggage. I've done it many times. I have had my bag searched because my peak flow ""looked suspicious"", they were fine with it and let me through, so now have asthma stuff at the top of my bag.


I put my inhalers in the pre-requisite clear plastic bag alongside lipsticks etc when passing through airport security. I have never had any bother :)


The last time i flew i asked my doctor for a letter listing all the medications that I wanted to take on board the plane with me. I had no difficulty whatsoever at Heathrow, nor in the USA. They checked the list and compared the medications in my backpack to the list and then let me through.

I took my inhalers and several other medications as well. I was worried about lost luggage and trying to get prescriptions in the USA so wanted to carry everything on board.

Have a great trip!



We travelled on honeymoon from south west to Gatwick then onward flight to St Lucia no problems at all. Get a letter signed by your GP that he authorises thsse medications also carry the inhalers ine boxes as you would get them from the chemist as this also shows security that it is legit medication - a tip i was told. put all medications in hand luggage never in the suitcase. When we flew with Virgin, they actually stopped me and as i put that i was an asthmatic on the booking form ,when i got to Gatwick and on the plane they asked me whether i had got all my correct inhalers for the flight and if i wanted anything just ask which i thought was fantastic.


Thanks everyone, atleast I now know that I'm panicking over nothing.


I hope you have a lovely time in Scotland.


Flown back from ROI yesterday inhalers were no problem

Enjoy Scotland


I'd never even thought about it being an issue, over the years i've flown to & from Corfu / Canada / America / Scotland / France (and probably others i've forgotten)

I've always had inhalers with me, never had prescriptions or doctor's letters etc and i've never had a problem



It's fine to take inhalers in hand luggage as well as spacer ! if you need to take nebulizer or oxygen on bored with you it is better to call the air line asap

They see loads of inhalers all the time I have taken them with me load of time

tip your spare ones take in hand luggage to as the hold can get to cold of inhalers

take care

Mat :)


have a great time in Scotland.......


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