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on/off cough, tight chest and a lot of mucus

Hi there,

I'm new to this site and am interested to know if anyone else is experiencing the same symptoms as me right now so i can put it down to pollen or something.

I seem to get breathless a lot quicker at the moment, get the occasional tight chest with a sharp pain through the centre of my chest to my back ( this could be stomach related). I also produce a lot of mucus from my nose and chest and have to cough it up a lot which can be quite embarrassing.

None of my inhalers seem to do anything right now and im on the tablets too, but they don't take affect anymore.

I am under a bit of stress right now with lack of work etc. so hopefully this is the cause.

If anyone else gets all or some of these symptoms id love to hear from you.

All the best people.


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Hi Toby and welcome,

I've just written a post on the pollen thread about the pollen - it has really affected me this month (and lots of others on here too). I've been keeping records of inhaler use this that week when I've had days inside and some outside (I'm a teacher on half term) and basically found that when I've been outside I've needed a lot more reliever, pf has been down and my cough has been phlegmy not dry (it is clear so is not a chest infection). I do get bad post nasal drip and sinusitis a lot (I have lots of airborne allergies). I have been advised to use steam to release the mucus by my asthma nurse which I have been doing a lot. I'm seeing my GP tomorrow as this is the worse my hayfever has been for years. A doctor I saw a few weeks ago said that people have either been really bad or not affected at all this year and she has seen people who have hadn't had hayfever before.

Are these symptoms common for you or are they new? I would make an appointment to see your asthma team especially of inhalers are not working or these symptoms are unusal. I hope you start to feel better soon.

Take care


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