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Hi I'm a newbie

Hi I'm a mum of a 3year old, who was unofficialy diagnosed at 18 months and officially diagnosed at 2yrs old, he has centil 100mg 2 puffs twice a day and then inhaler when required, and then all the other when needed, his asthma is triggered by variable things milk allergy, pollen, weather, to much heat, to much cold, illness, kittens air freshners so all the norm,lol the one thing I've noticed on alot of your threads is i seam to be one of the lucky ones with a fantastic set of GPs, asthma clinic nurses and consultants, however i do find theres a lot of conflicting information out there reguarding children with asthma, and i find this very confusing, our clinic nurse will tell me one thing and a doctor tell me another, and going by many threads everyone is told different things on how to manage, i find alot of the info very conflicting and it drives me insane grrr sometimes i just want a simple step by step guide does that make sence?

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I'm also a newbie on here. I'm a mum of a 3year old boy and 6 year old daughter. My son is the one who has asthma, which was first diagnosed around 2 months ago, following some episodes of coughing and breathing problems ( sleep apnea ) at night. Although, since he was around a year old I was constantly taking him to the dr's saying he was 'chesty' and was fobbed off countless times, saying there was nothing wrong with him. He also has a mild concave chest ( which can also effect breathing in severe cases ) and has also seen a peadiatrician for enlarged tonsils, which we have been put on a waiting list to see a specialist in the ENT dept. ( He may need to have tonsils removed ) So he has a lot on his plate at the moment!!! And so do I, worrying about him!!! I too, find the information conflicting, like I was told by one G.P to use the blue inhaler only in emergencies, but when i called an asthma nurse for advice she said to use it BEFORE he encountered any known triggers??? So I am confused although I am due to see an asthma nurse this week, where I am going to ask for a specific Action Plan as to when I need to use the blue inhaler. My son starts school Sept, so I want this clarified before then. I am keeping a diary of his symptoms and although early days, I think his main trigger is pollen, as his breathing seems to be worse at this time of year when it is hot weather. My son has Centil too, x2 puffs morning and night, which has helped his breathing and coughing a lot at night. Has your son got the blue inhaler too? When have you been using it?


Hi Kelly,

I'm pretty sure that your GP meant the inverse of what you think - that only the blue inhaler is for emergencies - so in an emergency don't give his other inhaler, only use the blue one. Not that you shouldn't give the blue inhaler unless it is an emergency.

As the asthma nurse said - using the blue inhaler just prior to being exposed to a trigger (before exercise, for example) can be helpful - partly because the medicine is continuing to take effect at the same time as the trigger would be making your chest tighten up. Generally it's better to use your reliever (blue) inhaler early, as soon as you start to notice that you're having symptoms, rather than wait for it to get worse and worse.

The asthma nurse will sort you out, don't worry.



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