Pain after Dental Appointment

Last Thursday, I went to the dentist, originally it was because I was in need of 2 fillings on the bottom teeth (5th one on both sides) and because of pressure building between the teeth (due to overcrowding) it was decided after one of the teeth shattered that it would be better to remove them completely. The one that hadn't shattered was a pretty straight forward pull and was over before I knew what was happening. The other side however took nearly an hour of pulling, tugging and a rather painful process with a chisel (which slipped and hit the tooth next to it) to get it out. After nearly 5 days, the left side is fine, little pain or discomfort and no swelling, however the problem lies with the right side as it is swollen, sore and the gum has been slightly broken away from the remaining teeth. Has anyone else had this and if so, what did they do? It hurts to eat and drink anything and I am on high doses of tramadol and co-codamol just so that I am not crying in pain.

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  • have you been back to the dentist, it does depend on whether it is getting worse or just better slowly, but you might want to go back and check you've not got an infection (esp if you are on pred as that messes with the immune system) I assume they have you rinsing your mouth out with salt water to help prevent infection, but its not completely perfect! Not had a similar situation, had baby teeth removed, but thats deffo different! Hope you feel better soon!

  • I would absolutely go back. Given the amount of time and work out took to get the pesky one out, it could very well just be ""trauma"" to the area which needs time to settle but i would be back to check so it doesn't get worse if that can be prevented.

    I feel for u, dental pain is horrendous and depressing (((hugs)))

  • Thanks everyone. Nearly a week after the surgery and my left socket feels pretty good and is settling. The right hand side however is still very swollen and my bite feels really strange (on one side it feels like everything is in the wrong place, if thats the best way of saying it) and it still hurts to eat/drink anything. As you can see, the swelling looks horrible (and my eyes have that post-asthma sinking and darkness)Swelling

  • It's been exactly a week since the teeth were taken out and its not as sore in some ways and just as bad in others. Both sides

    I would be daft and ask if you could tell which side it was on!

  • I think you said your left side was done, but the right looks more swollen. How are you feeling? If its still painful I'd go back :-( xxx

  • I think you said your left side was done, but the right looks more swollen. How are you feeling? If its still painful I'd go back :-( xxx

    The right side was the one that was hard to get out, I had the same tooth pulled from either side, its still painful and I am just going between doses of painkillers (which I already take for various reasons) and eating anything not liquified is out of the question (meaning that my weight is down as well). I'm going to call them in the morning, they said see how it is after a week post op. GP thinks they may have damaged my jaw a little.

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