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Dry mouth issues

I have been getting an increasingly dry mouth since using Qvar 100 - I use a spacer, rinse my mouth out thoroughly and brush my teeth after using it. I have two actuations twice a day. My GP has prescribed me ""synthetic saliva"" and it is a product called Glandosane which I spray into my mouth as often as I need. However the Glandosane isn't very effective and I notice there are other makes of synthetic saliva and wondered if anyone else has this problem and found a product which helps ?


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Hi Anne, funny to see you've posted this, as I've just bought some synthetic saliva (that sounds gross!). Im fed by tube, and have been nil by mouth food wise since christmas, hence saliva production is drying up and my teeth are suffering. I steered away from glandosane as I found some stuff about the PH level of it being bad for your teeth. So, I am currently trying the biotine oral balance replacement gel, and have also got bioxtra dry mouth oral gel to compare. They are also available in sprays, but I got the gel as I use it at night so need it to last longer. I would be lying if I said they felt natural but the biotene one is certainly working, havent tried the other yet. I found the biotene one in a dental review.

I got them here,



Thanks Lynda ! I think I shall try the biotene gel as judging from the review it seems exactly what I need - night time is the worst for me.

I cannot imagine not being able to eat food and having to be fed by tube - wishing you well.


Hi Lynda !

I don't know if you read my post in another thread where you responded about small airways disease, but in it I wrote to you that yes, I have Biotène now ! Here's what I wrote in case you missed it because I wanted to thank you for recommending this gel:

Hi Lynda,

I'm really glad to hear of someone else who has this ""small airways disease"" diagnosis becasue when I phoned the asthma helpline for advice they couldn't help me. Nor could a lung disease support organisation. I was beginning to think the respiratory consultant wasn't quite sure what was wrong with me and gave what seemed to be a vague diagnosis. I'm not quite sure of the 'damage' to my small airways but air trapping shows on both CT and x-ray with hyperinflated lung fields. The Qvar I'm prescribed is supposed to be very small particale size. The doc thinks the small airways disease is caused by ""pollution"" as I've never been in contact with chemicals.

I did get the Biotène gel thanks ! It's pretty effective and tastes nice too :)

I read you have many other health problems. I do too but they're not realted to the small airways disease. I have a bicuspid aortic valve and will need that replaced in a few years time - one reason to get my lungs in shape before open heart surgery. I also have atypical diabetes and osteoporosis.

Anne :)


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