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Hi - hope someone can advise me.

I have been an asthmatic all my life. Worse when i was a child and hardly any problems as an adult. Have recently had an asthma attack.. At first did not realise as it has been more than 30 years since I last had one. I thought I had a chest infection/bronchtitis. Had to call 999 and ended up in A&E on nebuliser and steroids. had chest x-ray and blood tests while there and no sign of any infections - just asthma attack. Sent home after a few hours and took me a week or so before I felt relatively normal. I have since adjusted my medication with the help of the asthma nurse at the doctors and feel better that I did before.

What I really would like to know is what else I could be doing (other than medication) that would improve my asthma and hopefully prevent another attack. I wiould also like in the long term to reduce medication.

Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance


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Well, the main thing that will help your asthma is avoiding triggers - sadly this is not ALWAYS possible, but that is a good way of avoiding problems with your asthma.

Another thing that might help is exercise if it's possible with your current level of asthma control, I know things like yoga help some people with asthma as its fairly 'slow paced' in a lot of groups and focuses on breathing, and can help reduce stress. You might find exercising in cold air difficult, or in an atmosphere where its humid/chlorine-y (like a swimming pool) but it's about what YOU can do without being affected, i find i can swim fine, but if i went for a jog/walk in the cold i'd have a lot of problems. If you are unsure what you are able to do, it might be worth an appointment with your GP/asthma nurse, then you can discuss the types of exercise and the option of taking salbutamol before you start exercising to prevent symptoms. A good level of fitness, and not being overwieght are good things in helping improve asthma symptoms.

There are lots of ideas floating about on the internet about what may or may not improve symptoms, AUK is a good sourse, here is the page on complementary therapies which tells you what information there is about each thing.

You might also discuss the option of seeing a physio with your GP, they can reccomend breathing techniques to help your asthma symptoms and if you have problems with mucus there are devices they might also reccomend.

Basically, there are lots of things that you can try, and as long as you discuss options with a GP i think most things wont do harm, but just may not do any good (although obviously your GP can advice whether they think things might cause you problems).

Although it is worth saying that it depends what asthma treatments you are on, but most tend to have few side effects as long as you are on the appropriate dose for your symptoms, so it isn't necessarily a bad thing if you need long term medication to control your symptoms!

hope you feel better soon :-)


I practice Buteyko Breathing . My Chiropractor gave me a book explaining how to do it

It takes a while (and persistence ) to get used to but I have had very positive results.


well what kind of book you want here you have a great helpful materiel regarding to Asthma treatment and some therapies .

I have my very well experience about the asthma how I can beat this disease into our self.


Look up hydrogen peroxide therapy - and don't be put off by the scaremongers until you have read the success stories first.


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