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Thomas's asthma is confusing

Well following the results of the RAST blood tests I have no idea what sets Thomas's asthma off. Turns out it was negative to moulds, house dust mites and animal dander. The coeliac screen was negative. Normal immunoglobulin levels, normal c3-c4, normal IgE..

The MRI showed normal intracranial appearance, small anterior pituitary but posterior pituitary shows normal signal. Have to wait for his endo appointment in may to discuss this further along with some of the other tests that we still don't have results for.

He is having a bone age X-ray tomorrow.

Luckily his asthma is ok at the moment but I was just hoping there would be something allergy wise so we could avoid it.

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It must be so frustrating for you.

I'm sure you're pleased that all the test have been negative but in a way you wished something had come back positive so you had something tangible to work with and something that could be treated to get Thomas asthma under control.

I know many Dr.s do these tests to 'rule things out' which is good for them but so frustrating for parents. I have had some more tests recently as my consultant is sure there is something else going on alongside the asthma but like you all has come back neg so far, so I know the feeling well!!

Although I do have many allergies and try to avoid them/treat them I still get flare ups/asthma attacks out of the blue so don't get too down about Thomas results so far.

I hope that you can find Thomas triggers soon so he can get well and go and play with his friends again.

Take care x


I think with Thomas there is something else going on so hopefully they will figure that out soon. I'm pleased he's been referred back to endocrine clinic as his drinking still concerns me. I tried restricting his drinks a while ago and he sat head butting the stair gate until I gave in. The other time when he had to have his GA I caught him with his head under the tap in the bathroom trying to get himself a drink. This doesn't seem normal behaviour for a child of 3 who is only allowed water at home! Occasionally when we are out he will be allowed a fruit shoot as a treat. He is still drinking about 2-2.5litres a day of water. Hopefully they should also have his bone age scan results, we are very concerned about his height he hasn't grown much in over 18 months and has just dropped off the bottom of the centile chart. Does anyone else find their inhalers are stunting their child's growth, it may not be just because of this but wondering if it is a factor?

The endocrine appointment is nex week so not long to wait now.

I am pleased to say his asthma is good at the moment but this time last year it was as well. His bad time seems to be from end of July to January/February. Is this normal? I have a lot of questions for his asthma consultant only 4 weeks for that too.



I have just seen you mention on another post about tummy ache. I am struggling to get Thomas to walk anywhere at the moment he just sits on the floor and complains his tummy hurts. I thought he was just being lazy but perhaps I should be taking more notice of this? X


Glad to hear that Thomas's asthma is doing well for now. Hoping you find some answers for your concerns (and that his tummy feels better soon).

Is it his tummy do you think or the muscles? If I've been working a bit more than I should at breathing for a while (but not enough to cause an acute sudden flare), the muscles below my rib cage sometimes get a bit sore.


I find ""air hunger"" makes me feel sicky, i wonder if this could be an element in the tummy ache part, as well as the fac thtat in a smaller body, everything will be much closer together and so harder to distinguish?


I thibk tummy ache can be deferred pain, a bit like brain freeze when you eat ice cream! The pain is from sudden constriction in the blood capillaries in your mouth but the pain isn't distinguished as pain in the mouth so we get pain in our head.


I don't know what it is its hard trying to get a 3 year old to elaborate past that his tummy hurts? Before his asthma flared up in July/August last year he ran everywhere. Makes me wonder as although he is better he is preempting what happened while his asthma was bad and he tried running?

Soph - he has started gulping like he is trying to stop himself being sick every so often? I sometimes wonder if I am looking too far into things?


Well following the results of the RAST blood tests I have no idea what sets Thomas's asthma off. Turns out it was negative to moulds, house dust mites and animal dander.

Luckily his asthma is ok at the moment but I was just hoping there would be something allergy wise so we could avoid it.

Hi Jenny,

Did they test him for a variety of pollens? Tree, Grass and Weed Pollens? Fungal spores?

It may seem like it would be helpful for it to be allergy related but, speaking as one who has them, it can be impossible to avoid them and I seriously wish I wasnt allergic. Im severely allergic to grass pollen, and it has a very long season - although it peaks for a couple of months, its actually active from April, sometimes up to Oct/Nov. I was practically housebound last year for months, on high dose oral steroids and still barely able to shower myself.

Having a dog with dust mite allergy isnt simple either - killing them doesn't resolve the allergy as its the proteins in the droppings which cause the allergy, so every trace has to be removed - thats not easy.. nor fun LOL

Its just interesting that he is now going through an okay phase, so I wonder if its a short acting seasonal allergic thing? I have a friend who is so badly allergic to fungal spores and weed pollens that his asthma goes crazy, but it seems less common than other allergies like grass / tree pollens.

Lynda x


Yeah he was tested for a variety of tree, grass, mould type allergens. I'm guessing they didn't test for everything I would have thought just the more common ones?

Last year (according to the nurses on the ward) was a ba year for a lot of asthmatics they see so perhaps this year will be better? Maybe it was the constantly changing weather last year, its so difficult to know.



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