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Asthma and change in weather

Hi all

I was just wondering with all these weather changes is anyone else's asthma playing up

Mine is really bad at the moment and lungs doesn't seem to behave at all.

Had 2 attacks last week after over a year of no admittance, flare ups or anything.

I am under RBH so called them and their solution was to increase steroids. which I am refusing as I have finally got down to 6mg and want to come off them. Badly suffering the side effects that I am not a normal 26 year old at all and feel like a 90 year old. (My gran who is 79 is doing a lot better then me and so much more active and outgoing.) I have walking issues, so need a walking stick, stomach issues, weight gain, sinus problems, depression which is really bad, whole body pains and thats just a few of them. Have honestly had enough of it now.

Sprry for the rant and getting side tracked but does anyone else notice that weather changes affects their asthma?

Hope your all keeping well

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I know exactly how you must be feeling, I am suffering terribly with asthma flare ups and hay fever, like you, I am also going through the Prednisolone wean and the side effects I'm experiencing are awful.

I hope you start to feel better soon.


Change in weather really does me too ... so you're not the only one!

Can really empathise! Just make sure you look after yourself!

*hugs* xxx


Yep, unpredictable weather and hayfever are affecting me at the moment as well. It's so frustrating. I don't remember hayfever being this bad this early ever - I'm feeling horrible even first thing in the morning and having to keep washing my eyes.


Sympathy and hugs! Rant away! I am better off comparatively but yep, same thing in that my mum who is in her 60s is far more healthy and active than I am and on hardly any medication. Not that I grudge her that but still, grrr.

Hadn't connected it with weather changes (I was just thinking yay, warmer weather) but I had a moderate attack out of nowhere this evening (given this morning I was feeling fairly good and had just blown over 500 for the first time in ages). So maybe it is that.

Hope you - and Asthmagirl and everyone else - feels better soon. xx


yep it seems i'm affected by the changing weather too. I go running with a group on a regular basis and usually run 3 or 4 miles without too many problems (as long as i take my reliever beforehand). The other week i couldn't manage the 3 miles and ended up having to walk the last mile or so with one of the leaders :-( As we were walking back she commented lots of people seemed to be finding it hard-going as if the air was heavy cos it was just when it was changing from VERY cold to getting warmer


yup, my lungs have started to deteriorate too.. if its anything like last year, it will be another six months of oral steroids and being unable to walk :( I have a very love hate relationship with the british summer!


My asthma has been playing up alot recently, and particularly is made much worse with the pollen count

I have recently been prescribed montelukast on top of my normal meds and current dose of oral steroids, and I must say that I *think* it may be having an effect!

Perhaps talk to your GP/asthma nurse to see if there is anything you can get as an add on before it getting any worse?

Feel better soon xxx


It seems to be getting quite stuffy today as well which really doesn't help me at all.

Having issues with sleeping now - I do sleep but know my breathing is bad from OH moaning about the noise I make. I can feel it when I wake up as well.


Having issues with sleeping now - I do sleep but kunow my breathing is bad from OH moaning about the noise I make. I can feel it when I wake up as well.

In some ways I think this is worse than actually waking up, at least if your awake you can do something about it, but when you stay asleep you don't get a good nights sleep AND you feel rubbish coz your sore from struggling.


Me too. I've been doing pretty well the last five weeks or so nut this last week with the rain and pollen has been really up and down. It's very annoying. I'm supposed to do a step down on my pred taper on Tuesday but that isn't going to happen if this keeps up. Grrr.


true weather intresting


I had a bad year to with weather changes and high pollen just keep action plan update good luck


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