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Hay Fever and an Itchy Nose


My post is a hay fever, rather than a asthma related, question so I hope that's ok.

As we approach the summer, or for many known as the dreaded hay fever season, I was wondering if anyone could help give me a little advice on behalf of my daughter Abi who is one such sufferer. Abi is fourteen years old and is my youngest child. She has suffered from asthma since she was eight and although that is fairly well controlled I still often worry about her because of it. For example, I still won’t let her stay at a friend’s house unless I know for sure she has her inhalers with her. I hope that doesn’t sound overly motherly or protective of me!

However, of equal concern is her hay fever which he has become a victim of over the last three years so. Like most who have a severe case of the condition it can hugely affect her lifestyle and the things she can do during the summer months. For example, last year she was unable to compete in her school sports day because of it.

Abi’s hay fever means she tends to sneeze repeatedly throughout the day and this can last for a two or three months or more if it’s a particularly hot summer and the pollen count his high. She also has tended to suffer worse from it every year since she was first diagnosed. My biggest concern overall about her condition is how terribly itchy her nose becomes when her hay fever is at its worst. I’m not sure how common a symptom like this is for most hay fever sufferers but in her case it is particularly bad and makes her life a real misery.

Her nose often becomes so itchy that she resorts to rubbing it constantly at times usually upwards with the palm of her hand which means she now has a distinctive crease mark or line across the lower part of her nose. I’m not sure if she has noticed this herself but she does often complain, quite understandably, about how much her itchy nose is bothering her.

The antihistamines and nasal spray which he has been prescribed by her doctor help a little with her nasal congestion but don’t do much to alleviate the sneezing or itching unfortunately. Is anyone aware of any treatment or medication she could use that would help with the latter symptom in particular, besides having to stay inside on days when the pollen count is too high for her to be outside without suffering badly?

I’ve also been unsure as to whether to say something to her in attempt to discourage her from rubbing her nose as much as she does. At times the manner and frequency comes across as very childlike and no doubt obvious to other people. I just wouldn’t want someone else to notice it and make an insensitive remark which would very likely embarrass her. She is a very pretty girl and already has the attentions of numerous boys at her school but I worry that she will later be embarrassed by the crease mark on her nose. Obviously the last thing I want is for Abi to become self-conscious about it but I wonder if I did bring up the subject sensitively it might be for the best in the long run.

Ultimately I really just wish she didn’t have to suffer from hay fever like she does so any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Phillipa

Im afraid I dont really know what to suggest. I have a terrible grass pollen allergy but although it severely affects my asthma, I dont get nasal symptoms. I dont know what antihistamine she takes, I have been through most, and now take high dose fexofenadine (180mg) which was prescribed by the respiratory consultant. I dont know if its prescribable for children, but I do think that given how much this is affecting her, its worth having another conversation with the doctor.

Sorry I cant be more help

Lynda :)

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Sorry I don't know what to suggest either as I get the same problem. My main symptom during the day is an itchy nose and I haven't found anything that stops it. Like nursefurby I take fexofenadine but still get symptoms. Have thought in the past that it wasn't doing any good but if I skip a day or two things get worse, so it obviously helps but doesn't completely get rid of symptoms. I spend a lot of time rubbing my nose as well. Would love to know whether there was anything else I could do as I get horrible headaches in the evenings from it and it affects my asthma as well. If it was just the itchy nose and eyes I could put up with that.

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Thank you to you both for even taking the time to reply. I realise that it would be difficult question for someone to help with for an but I sincerely appreciate the supportive words of those suffering from the same or even similar symptom.

If others would still like to add their own thoughts I would be very grateful.


This is just a thought, and I may be completely barking up the wrong tree. I don't have hay fever, but my nose does itch terribly on the outside. I hoped an antihistamine would help. Now reading this I see that it may not be so.

Is it worth trying just a smear of antihistamine cream on the nose? I plan to try. I haven't itched to the point of getting a fold, but my skin round my nostrils gets affected. If it seems to help I will (if I remember) report back.


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