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New asthmatic needing advice please!

Hello there,

I have been diagnosed with asthma for about 3 months now and I've been given a blue inhaler. Changes in temperature, and exercise seem to be the main inducers for an attack.

My problem is that at the moment I have a bad chest infection/bronchitis. I am waking up during the night especially struggling to breathe, wheezing and an uncontrollable cough with very tight chest pain. I am unsure whether this is my infection or the asthma and I don't know when to take my inhaler. It's all rather confusing me!

Any advice would be REALLY appreciated,



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Don't know if age makes any difference to responses I get, but I've recently turned 20. Thank you!


Hiya, i'm in the same position. I have pneumonia brough on from an atack when doing my first step aerobic class. The atack finished within a few mins after taking the blue inhaler butstarted with a slight cough wich after 4 weeks has turned into pneumonia. My anitbiotics have no finished but cough still there......prob doesnt answer your question sorry but i'm in the same boat.

The blue inhaler doesn't harm you if you take it often. Next time you have an episode and not sure just take it and see if it relieves it or not. Are you on any other inhaler too??


No that's ok. Thanks for replying. Doesn't sound too good! Was pleased I don't have pneumonia but just taking precautions so that it doesn't develop into it.

Thank you, wasn't sure about the harmfulness of the blue inhaler. I will do. I haven't been given any other inhaler, just the blue one. It's all fairly new to me so am unsure what's going on! Haha!

Thank you! Hope you feel better soon.


lots of non-asthmatics are given an inhaler when they have a chest infection anyway as it helps reduce some of the wheeziness/chest tightness/coughing etc. If you find that you're struggling a lot of the time then its probably worth going back to your GP, it might be that you need another 'preventor' inhaler to help you feel better while you have the chest infection, or in some cases things like a short course of steroids will help, and GP will be able to advise about how much you should/can use your inhaler (whilst blue inhalers are pretty safe, if you are needing to use a lot then it can be an indicator of when to ring 999 etc.)

Hope you feel better soon :-)


Thanks for your reply. If I end up being awake for a lot of tonight with a tight chest, I'll try and use my inhaler more and see if it helps. Was pretty scary! Don't want to go to bed tonight, haha!

Thanks for the advice, I shall do so. I find it most difficult realising myself when things are getting worse or when this is just 'how asthma can be' with a chest infection/bronchitis.

Thanks again :)



I second Soph's advice only thing I'd say is just remember don't worry about hassling your gp they would much rather see you as a precautionary measure than when it's too late so to speak . Your blue inhaler should be a good friend but if your finding your seeing you friend to much go see your gp/asthma nurse there's normally always more they can do for you

L x


Thank you. Ended up calling GP this evening due to wheezing/tightness getting worse. She's prescribed me a spacer and some prednisolone. Hopefully will do the trick. A little less wheezy now but still not great.. Bit scared of night time as this is all new to me and it's not nice feeling like you have no air.

Thanks again..

Scarlett x


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