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fostair and hydrocortisone

Just a quick one, I've been changed from Seretide 250 (2 twice a day), Fluticasone 250 (2 twice a day) and 7.5mg of prednisilone a day, to Fostair 100/6 (4 twice a day) and hydrocortisone 20mg in the morning. These changes were made based on issues of adrenal suppresion and the testing of it and nothing to do with my asthma, right now he wants to sort my adrenal glands first, however im feeling pretty miserable that i have to tolerate rubbish asthma control while we sort something else out first (although im sure adrenal supression can impact asthma control) and i was wondering if anyone had made either/both of the above changes for 'asthma reasons' and found an improvement, it'd really cheer me up :-)


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