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Getting stuff up

Hi all,

For the last couple of weeks (brought on by a small bout of the cold), I have been really struggling to cough the stuff in my chest up enough to get rid of it (sorry for the gross information!).

I was wondering if anyone takes anything that can make the mucus a bit thinner or easier to get rid of (whether over-the-counter or prescribed), and does it help?

Thanks in advance!


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Hi Chuck,

things that spring to mind, are prescribed medications you could discuss with your GP, like Carbocisteine (syrup or tablets, syrup upsets my stomach less) - it thins the mucous. Or, asking your GP if you could see a respiratory physio for postural drainage. I used to have this at my community hospital when my chest was really congested.

Of course if you are coughing up green/yellow/brown mucous then you need to see your GP anyway...! ;)



Hi Lynda,

Thanks for your ideas, I will certainly speak to the GP about adding something like carbocisteine.



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