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Productive cough weeks after a cold, should I do something?


Brief history for context -

had asthma since a toddler (now 39, always needed preventative treatment but usually asthma well controlled, but with mild flare ups during colds/viruses/chest infections. Back in November had bad flare up after a cold and needed 2 weeks of pred. Dr then changed medication to seretide 250 (4 puffs a day) to be reviewed in the spring. Happy with that as had another cold during Christmas and although PF dipped, it was still in the OK zone. However, I'm definitely needing the long acting reliever in the seretide as when I accidently missed a dose the other day I could 'feel' it a few hours after the missed dose (and before flare up I hardly ever needed the ventolin).

Issue now -

Since the last cold at Chritsmas I've had a permanent cough, which is sometimes dry and sometimes productive (although only a small amount, but happens at least once a day, although sometimes not enough to 'spit up' - sorry for the TMI). I know it's not an infection as it's not a funny colour, but it's been going on for 6 weeks now and is (pre flare up) unusual for me for it to last that long. According to my husband I cough every night too (although I sleep through it, but I'm also a bit tired at the moment so maybe it's disturbing my sleep a bit). However my PF is back to normal. My husband keeps nagging me to go to the DR's. I think he gets anxious because he sees how bad my mum has got as she has COPD and has ended up in hospital 4 times this year for weeks at a time (she's never smoked but has had asthma since being a child). But I don't know whether its worth bothering the doctor when it's obviously not an infection and my PF is fine. I was wondering whether its just the aftermath of a flare-up and my lungs just need a bit more time to recover from it (i.e. maybe it's just normal)

What do other's think?

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Maybe it's time to go back and get reviewed with your GP or Asthma nurse, as you say you're due a review soon anyway so why not do it a little early.

It's pretty normal for me to have a productive cough (clear or white), but I'd say that this is because I'm not controlled. It sounds to me like your asthma is not as well controlled as it should be as you're coughing at night, feeling tired and have a productive cough. And lets face it, if a man thinks you should go to the Drs then it's almost certainly overdue.


And lets face it, if a man thinks you should go to the Drs then it's almost certainly overdue.



Thanks Lou and Stray. I will make an appointment to see the Dr, he seems quite a good one and usually has time for his patients (probably as being on a small island the surgery is not usually packed). Totally with you there, Stray, on the cough being more annoying to those around you than yourself LOL. I think I get so used to coughing that unless I need to run for a tissue I barely notice it. But then as a child my mother says she was often coming into the bedroom because it sounded like I was choking to death, only to find that I was still fast alseep.


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