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yet another chest infection!

i feel sooooo lucky, i have another chest infection!

i only had one a few days before christmas, which manifested itself into mild pneumonia, so i was told, and treated at home with antibiotics, but ive never felt 100% since i stopped the medication!!

been back to the drs today with the same symptoms, and theyve given me a week, if its not gone by this time next week they want me to go in for 'agressive treatment' ... does that mean they stand over me and shout at me until i get better lol!!! ok im trying to look at the funny side of things!! really struggling at the moment with breathing..but will go to hospital if it gets any worse..

does the boiling water and steam thing help? is there any thing i can do at home except the obvious medication, that anyone can reccommend...

thanks guys x

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Your idea of agressive treatment is great - it really made me laugh! I'm sorry you've got another chest infection - it really sucks.

The boiling water and steam thing makes me feel worse - I can't breath properly with it - I can almost feel my lungs closing. I've always had this problem even before I was diagnosed with asthma - I can't go into a sauna or anything where it's really hot and steamy!


I am sorry that you have got another chest infection, I hope you start to feel better soon.


I'm like Maccy, I don't do well with steam, but I know others do.

Other than taking meds, coughing up the muck and doing nothing (so that your body can spend it's energy on fighting infection) I don't know what to suggest.

I hope you're feeling better soon so they don't have to get agressive. Agressive maybe IV antibs.


Sorry to hear youre going through such a tough patch at the mo.

I would imagine that aggressive would be iv meds to get it going and keep a closereye on you ;-)

Hugs for a fast recovery.

Rose xx


thanks everyone for replying...

still feeling a blah today, but im hoping the antibiotics are kicking in.. asthma has been a nightmare but im JUST managing to control it at home at the moment! so hopefully i'll start feeling better soon!

sarah xx


Ah, chest infections. Something I know quite a bit about, have had LOADS of them in my lifetime...

For some reason last year I got ill sooooooo many times with colds/viruses (which ALWAYS gave me a secondary bacterial infection; some worse than others - had bronchitis at least three times last year).

The worst one was easily around my birthday in October; one course of antibiotics failed to kill it completely and I had to go back for a second course. Naturally, my asthma skyrocketed when all of this happened and it went completely out of control. Had to take Prednisolone for five days to knock it back.

Something I have found since suffering this unexpected rise in chest problems brought on my viral infections, is what vitamins I take. On top of a regular multivit & mineral tablet, I have also been taking soluable Vit C with Zinc and Soluable Calcium with Vits D & K. Since taking them, and bear in mind here in the UK it is now winter (and a very cold one at that!) so far I have gone the longest time without any kind of infection. My asthma got treated a few weeks ago too and that is also finally back under control.

Recurring chest infections usually have an underlying cause, in my case a childhood illness weakened my lungs so badly that I suffered with a chest infection every three months, almost like clockwork, throughout my teens. I still get them, naturally, but my immune system must have improved, as for years colds etc bounced off me.

This recent spate of attacks and infections last year must be something to do with external conditions, if others are reporting of recurring chest infections then it must be something that is irritating the airways of those susceptible.

Sincerely hope you feel better soon! If you are getting these infections on a recurring basis, speak to your doctor, or try what I did and take certain vitamins to boost your immune system :)


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