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Chest feels weird but can't describe it!

Hi me again! :)Both yesturday and today I've had a strange feeling in my chest, not quite sure how I can describe it though! I'm not sob and it's not necessarily tight, it's not like a pain or an ache or anything, it's just there! Coughing helps to get rid of it for a while but then it comes back. The same happens when I use ventolin. I have had a cough for a few weeks now, but I was told that was nothing and to give it a few more weeks to let it go. My pf is about 400 ( best is 450) and I have caught myself wheezing bit. One of flatmates has had flu recently and I'm surrounded by people with colds so I'm thinking I must have caught something. Plus it has yet to get above 0 degrees this week! I can't see anyone until the 7th jan (I'm back home for christmas) so I was just wondering if anyone on here has had the same? Or any ideas what it is?Sorry, I know it's a long shot!Thanks :)Rachel

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Hi Rachel

I'm probably the best person to offer advice, but if it's any consolation my chest has also been feeling very weird over th last month.

It feels as if there's something in there sort of blocking it, hard to describe, plus mines is tight too.


Maybe something to do with the cold weather of the last couple of weeks. My chest feels very tight too and need to clear my throat more often. My pf is stable and I don't feel breathless on exertion but do at rest.

Can't give you any great advice, but i would persist with your GP until something more satisfactory happens.


thanks for your posts :)

it's weird that it's bothering me now, last sunday I managed to do the most exercise I've done in months! I'm currently avoiding the gp :P (they just patronise me so what's the point in going) but if this persits until after christmas then I'll have to go. :(

I'll see how it is tomorrow since it should be warmer. If it is the cold then I can ignore it, if not I'll give it a month!

Thanks :)


Hi Rachel,

Hmm, not sure what that is, sorry!

But just wanted to say that I think you can see a GP at home even if you're registered at uni (otherwise, what would students do in long vacations - they can't just not see a dr or go maybe a long way to see the GP!) You just need to get a visitors' note I think - there's probably something about it on the NHS Choices website, or ring your home surgery and explain. Might be an idea to do this instead of waiting if you're still having problems.


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