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iPad Apps for asthma

Has anyone found a semi decent app for the iPad for recording things like peak flows etc? So far the only ones I have found are for the iPhone or are American. I'd like to be able to record symptoms, medication use and peak flows etc.

I don't mind paying for it if it makes me keep a better eye on my asthma because right now I'm diabolical at keeping peak flows etc and I think if I was to have something on my iPad it might give me more of a reason to.

Ta in advance!

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Difficult one! I also have an iPad and it took me a while to find one. I've settled on AsthmaTrack, which costs a little (about £1.49 I think) and is not perfect but is the best I've found as it allows you to put in your own parameters eg best PF, medication and dose and also - very useful for me given my PF is not always that sensitive - lets you enter how many reliever puffs you've had and charts that as well as PF. (THough a bit confusing as I think last time I was saying how many puffs total which is what it charts, eg 10 in a day which is 5 TIMES a day and I think dr thought I meant 2 puffs 10x a day lol - no wonder he thought I was massively overusing!)

I used to use AsthmaMD, and last time I showed my AsthmaTrack chart in clinic (to the same dr who'd got confused re number of puffs/number of times) he said it looked good but had I come across AsthmaMD? This seems to be one some drs like but as I told him, I didn't because it doesn't allow as much customisation - the symptoms come in bands, there's not much chance to put your own in and if symptoms and PF aren't in the same zone eg green PF but yellow symptoms, it will just put your PF in the middle of the yellow zone instead of recording the actual value; my previous consultant found it really confusing! So that one's not recommended by me.

Sorry for ramble but hope this helps. I would say AsthmaTrack is your best bet as it's the best for letting you do what you want with it, but it would be nice if drs and asthmatics could get together and develop an app that works for both sides as from what I've seen so far there's nothing out there that does.


I've been looking around but not really found one that I like. Have decided to write my own (I'm a software developer) since that will be about as customisable as you can get, lol. I still find the whole green/yellow/red zone thing quite confusing though. Maybe because I have yet to spend any time in my green zone. I'm wondering whether tracking patterns of peak flow variation, symptoms... etc might be able to provide a better picture of how my asthma is doing, and whether I'm heading for another exacerbation.


Thanks guys,

I installed asthma tracker but am n hospital at the minute so haven't had a chance to properly play with it.

Thanks for the suggestions!



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