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Any suggestions?

Our boiler is really old - during the day it is still freezing cold in our house even with the boiler on. But it doesn't have a timer, so we can't have it on at night at all. It was 13 degrees in our bedroom last night!

Not surprisingly the cold air didn't help my asthma. Does anyone have any ideas about what I can do? Either to try to keep the room a bit warmer, or to stop it affecting my breathing so much.

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could you try an electric heater in your room?


Only thing is, the electric heaters do dry up the air more than most. I find that affects my breathing as much as the cold. One thing that helps me is those heat pad things that you stick onto your clothes and they keep on giving off heat for a good 12 hours or more, which is great because you can keep your chest warm even when you go out. Just wish they warmed up the air you breathe in, lol. But nothing beats a long soak in a hot bath for that.

Wish I could suggest more, but these suggestions come from experience of living in the sticks with not much in the way of heating.


I don't know if you would qualify for a disabled facilities grant. This covers heating systems. The link is shown bellow:

It may take some time to get sorted so would be a longer term fix to your current heating issue. In the shorter term maybe wrap up well with several layers of clothing when you go to bed.


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