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I was in A&E tonight, I was blue lighted in and taken straight to resus, had wheezing all over my lungs but was able to maintain my oxygen sats with a lot of hard work. After about 5 nebulisers back to back I improved pretty quickly and they took me up to a ward to keep an eye on me.

Once i got to the ward my respiratory consultant came to see me, he listened to my chest and said it was completely clear and how strange that was, i didn't think it seemed too odd given the amount of medication I had had. He then said that I had rung an ambulance quite early considering I hadn't taken more than 20 puffs of my blue inhaler, and had only waited a couple of hours before ringing 999. This confused me a little. I thought that if i was honest with myself i had been a bit silly and had waited a little too long, and that the fact that i had been taken to resus suggested that i wasn't particularly healthy when i got in. I'm worried now that if i end up ill again i wont know what to do. I'm trying hard to be sensible and not leave it till i'm really exhausted and desperate before i ring an ambulance, but now i'm worried i'm being too hasty?

We spoke briefly about the possibility of home nebulisers, which i know are a bit controversial but i think might work for me, and i think at this point anything is worth a try as long as i'm sensible. But when he asked if he thought i might not have needed an ambulance if I had a home nebuliser and i said that i thought i might have improved at home (as nebulisers had been all that i needed this occasion) he then said 'so now your only agenda is to get a home nebuliser?' which i found really annoying, i don't know what the best thing to do is, all i know is that the current medication i'm on is not working. i have no agenda to get anything in particular, i need him to tell me what the plan is and the pros and cons of each option. He did then say he was joking, but that's not funny. All i want to do right now is be well enough to stay at uni. yes i'm frustrated, and annoyed and worried, but that doesn't mean i don't have asthma attacks too, yet he seems to treat me like all that there is to talk about is whether i'm coping at uni. I'm coping just fine at uni, its my lungs that are trying to stop me.

Not really sure what to do about this. I feel like if he thinks i'm really pushing for one particular treatment then he'll just give it to me, whether or not its the right thing to do!

He didn't want to admit me as there are 'too many bugs' at the hospital at the moment, but said that he thought i should definately be seen tomorrow, and possibly the day after too, (clearly not someone who struggles to afford bus fairs, has breathing difficulties when walking to and from the bus stop, and has a load of uni work to do - so hasn't even considered the impact this will have) so i'm hoping when i'm less tired and my chest is less tight then i might be able to get a bit of sense out of him! Can't tell if i was just being silly?

just needed a bit of a moan really! thanks for reading, Sophs

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  • Hey soph, hope you're feeling a bit better :)

    Ignore him! If you feel you need to go to a&e then just go! No way we're you wasting time if you ended up in resus! How dare he even suggest that.

    I can sympathise with you on the uni front, I'm in my first semester and my asthma is driving me crazy, though it's not anywhere near as bad as yours sounds *hugs* :) it's hard being a poor overworked student :(

    Maybe ask him what he thinks you should try next? Surely he should have some plan, and if he doesn't maybe ask him why home nebs won't be a good idea. If you think that'll work and he can't think of a reason why not then he should listen to you!

    Sorry I can't be of much help, I've never ended up in a&e and don't have a consultant so don't know much about this.

    I'm sending you a massive amount of sympathy though :) and I really hope you're back in uni soon :) missing a day is like missing an entire year!

    Hope you feel better

    Rachel :)

  • Hey soph, hope you're feeling a bit better :)

    Ignore him! If you feel you need to go to a&e then just go! No way we're you wasting time if you ended up in resus! How dare he even suggest that.

    I can sympathise with you on the uni front, I'm in my first semester and my asthma is driving me crazy, though it's not anywhere near as bad as yours sounds *hugs* :) it's hard being a poor overworked student :(

    Maybe ask him what he thinks you should try next? Surely he should have some plan, and if he doesn't maybe ask him why home nebs won't be a good idea. If you think that'll work and he can't think of a reason why not then he should listen to you!

    Sorry I can't be of much help, I've never ended up in a&e and don't have a consultant so don't know much about this.

    I'm sending you a massive amount of sympathy though :) and I really hope you're back in uni soon :) missing a day is like missing an entire year!

    Hope you feel better

    Rachel :)

    YES THIS MAN IS WRONG FACT better be safe than sorry

  • How annoying. I hate the conflicting information from Doctors etc, it makes it's so hard to know what to do when struggling. I usually know when I get to the point when I can't cope on my own and need to get help, and it's deffinately better going in before you get too exhausted. You did the right thing. Will you get to see him over the next few days to talk about these things?

    I hope you're feeling better now. x

  • Hi Soph, hope you are feeling better. I have to say I think he was incredibly patronising and needs to work on his bedside manner. Hving said that I think that you should be asking him for a management plan and ask him to suggest what he thinks is the most appropriate way to manage your treatment. You might find it helpful to speak to the asthma nurses at AUK first to see what they suggest. Best of luck.

  • If it helps at all I was once told by an a&e junior Dr (I'd been in resus, sorted qand moved to a&e) that I should throw all my inhalers away and that I was hyperventilating.

    I'm a lifelong asthmatic who now has brittle asthma.......what a numpty!!

    Also, I can be having a huge attack where ive had the ambulance pull over at the side of the road, had loads of nebs sreroids, mag sulph, iv aminophilline (sp?) and somehow still maintained my sats. Its only ever. If my attack last for several hours that my sats drop but I am q carbon dioxide retainer which is not good.

    Chin up and ignore him!!


  • Still not feeling great, i'm just quite short of breath and coughing a lot, i've not got any wheeze at all, in fact my chest sounds 'perfectly clear' which is actually frustrating me a little. I saw my consultant again today, he maintained that i could not have been having a proper asthma attack as it has not lasted several days. he said my only real attack recently has been the one where i was in hospital for a week and still wheezy on IV aminophylinne. He also says that the fact that i improve after magnesium is almost proof that i am not having attacks, just being a bit hysterical, as there is no evidence that it does any good. He completely ignored the fact that i was not given any magnesium until after i'd had more pred, IV hydrocortisone or at least a lot of nebs!

    Really frustrated, and he seemed to be blaming me. I have repeatedly told him that the respiratory nurse was really happy with my inhaler technique and yet he always feels the need to pick up on every possible thing i could be doing wrong with that. (the fact that i'll ocasionally pop to the shops with just a blue inhaler and no spacer is practially non-compliance in his mind.) He also fully expects me to be doing my peak flow every time i get any symptoms at all, and remembering what i get. god forbid i take my inhaler, then i have to do it again after ten and twenty minutes, recording it every time! I'm all for keeping an eye on my breathing, but actually (as i've discussed with my resp nurse) peak flows arent that sensitive for me, and i occasionally have shockingly high/low readings and be really struggling. years of playing the flute also means that my best peak flow if 600, but when it was 400 this morning he said that was reasonable for my height and weight, even his registrar gave him a funny look and pointed out that for me that was quite low!

    basically the plan is 'try not to end up in hospital this weekend' but thanks everyone for letting me know i did the right thing, i get so easily paranoid when i recover quickly (although 3hrs fighting really hard doesnt feel that quick!) and then go back on monday to see him again when we'll discuss home nebs. Hopefully access to nebs when i need them will keep me at home a bit more, i think i'm so much more responsive to treatment early in an attack (i guess more gets into your lungs when the airways are more open?) but i guess its something i'll have to think about and discuss with him. I specifically asked what was chaning to get me from where i am now to a place where i'm in A&E less and he didnt really say much. I'm getting my theophylinne levels back on monday, if they are sun-theraputic then it might explain a lot

    Oh he also asked how i'd slept, when i said i hadn't really he said 'well, do you know whay that is' and i said 'yeah: i couln't breathe when i lay down!' he said 'no, its because they gave you prednisilone in A&E' and whilst i know its true that pred should be taken in the morning to stop it messing with your sleep, it ain't gonna make much difference when you cant breathe is it!?!

    Sigh, thanks for all the support guys, glad to know i'm not alone, it just makes you feel like such a fraud and you start to doubt yourself, but im getting more confident in saying 'i need an ambulance' and just trying to get on with it. its not as though i asked for any of this is it? Trying to stay positive, at least my departments at uni have been REALLY great, just got a huge extension on an essay and basically they said they could work out my maths grades from any work i managed to hand in! which really takes some of the pressure off. think i might sleep tonight! fingers crossed!

    Sophs x

  • After reading your thread I am a little shocked a doctor would treat you in this way. The only experience I have of hospital admissions with asthma is my sons as mine is only minor and fairly well controlled.

    I have always been told that if I feel my sons ventolin inhalers are not working after 10 puffs I shouldnt hesitate to bring him into A&E or call an ambulance. What if you had waited longer and had deteriorated further very quickly? Dont let this consultant put you off calling an ambulance in the future when you feel you need it, you know your asthma better than anyone else surely?!


  • Your consultant seems to have the inability to think outside the box!

    Please go with how you feel.

    A neb may be an option and you seem aware of the rules of home nebs. If you do have a home neb , get specific instructions on when to call 999, eg after 2 nebs not working.

    Some people, like me, being brittle, don't always fit the rules of asthma and this needs to be looked at so you get the best treatment for you.

    What is your normal list of medication if you don't mind me asking?

    Take care


  • Yeah, well i was quite confused as I actually asked the paramedic if i had rung too early and he looked surprised and said if anything i had left it a bit long! And with two trips to resus in the last two weeks i thought that i probably was being a bit silly and waiting too long, so was doing what i thought was the sensible option. He seems to think i want to be in hospital, which frankly is the last thing i place i want to be. any of the a&e doctors could tell him that the second i can get enough breath to talk i'm asking to go home. and have even self-discharged twice recently (i know i shouldnt but really dont want norovirus!)

    I take cetirizine 10mg and montelukast 10mg once a day, seretide 250 (x2) and theophylinne MR 200mg twice a day, and im weaning off prednisilone, im on 20mg for the next 5 days (then down 5mg for 5 days etc) plus salbutamol prn. Not really sure what the logical next step medication-wise is for me. the theophylinne is quite new to me, so its possible my levels will still be sub-theraputic in which case that might be all i need. i really dont want to go on long term steriods, the side effects are so nasty, although i guess the side effects of not breathing are pretty nasty too!

    im due for lung function tests, allergy testing (although ive had some kind of allergy test already - waiting for the results) and to see a respiratory physio. I already have a consultant and resp nurse so i think on the variety of medical professionals front im pretty much covered.

    Its just really frustrating. i'm in and out of hospital ALL the time and even when im not in i feel constantly on the edge of an attack, i cant go climbing at the moment, and i LOVE climbing, i used to go three times a week, and i just want to get back into it before i loose all my strength! I'm missing out on uni work, in the current cold weather even when im not in hospital i have a hard time getting to and from lectures. and i feel like ive not got the support of my consultant, and my GP wont speak to me about my breathing anymore as i'm under the hospital now so 'too complex' for them to deal with. so i just feel pretty isolated, especially since i've only just left home for the first time, i need my mum to come and look after me :( but stating positive, i have a really really supportive group of friends, and the uni disability person has put a few things in place for me to help me out during this exacerbation so that's all good! and thank you all so much for the really great replies, i feel like much less of an idiot now, and i'm glad its not just me! its hard, i live in a flat with three mild asthmatics (as in two take a preventer, one just takes the blue one, and none ever have attacks) and i think they find it really hard to relate, possibly even more so than the non-asthmatics as in their heads blue inhalers fix anything. they're trying really hard but i can tell that they don't really understand!

    thanks :) sophs x

  • Hi Soph,

    Sorry, there's not much I can add except to hope things improve soon! Glad your uni are being helpful though as that does take some stress off.

    Just wanted to say really that it does seem it's him, not you! From my perspective it's good to hear that so thought you would like to have it reinforced as well; I am nowhere near as severe as you and some others on here and haven't yet needed A&E, but I've encountered the same attitudes and drs who refuse to think outside the box when struggling with moderate but not well-controlled symptoms (luckily am getting somewhere now with drs who do listen) and it just makes you feel so much worse when they begin to question everything you do and suggest it's 'anxiety' or 'hysteria' or 'just bad breathing' (actually I have bad breathing as well BECAUSE of the asthma and these days I can usually tell the difference, but try explaining that one to someone who's convinced all your symptoms are down to hyperventilation!)

    Also, like you my actual best PF is 600 when predicted best is about 460 (probably for the same reason, singing and oboe) and not that sensitive so it drives me nuts when they're obsessive about PF when it's just not that helpful! If I got 400 I wouldn't think it was that great either - well, it's only about 66% of best!

    I have no idea if this ramble about me is helping you but I guess I just wanted to say hang in there, don't doubt yourself as I would be really confused and worried and annoyed with that cons as well, and good luck sorting a plan out! Definitely ring the AUK nurses if you're still confused, they are great and usually very accepting and open-minded (I was so reassured by one of them once who told me that she'd heard from 'weird' people like me before with very similar symptoms and not to worry that I had to be 'classic'.)

    EDIT After reading your latest post - just to say that I hope this forum makes you feel less isolated - did for me, really helped to have other people who 'got it', including other 'weird types' lol. Also that I get what you mean about mild asthmatics - I was one as a kid and never realised how bad it could get, but can be frustrating as I've now found to deal with those people when it's more than just blue! You are having to deal with a lot at once so feel free to come on here and rant a bit :)

  • I feel much better knowing other people go through the same kind of stuff as me!!! and that being a 'weird' asthmatic isn't all that weird! Any yes, its nice to have it reinforced that i'm not just being silly or a hypercondriac! I did ask how he though my panicking was causing an audible wheeze (could be heard from the corridor) all he said was that i wasn't wheezing now which wasn't massively insightful!

  • You need to be confident in the way that your consultant is managing your asthma and he should be working with you which I don't think he is now. I don't know if you can ask for a referal somewhere else or to a specialist place like RBH/Heartlands/Withenshaw, but I think it'd be worth a go. Might be worth talking to the AUK nurses to see what your options are.

    Sorry to hear your not feeling great, but I do hope you improve soon. x

  • feeling a bit better today, but it'll probably only be for a few days, i'm much worse that i usually am 'this time of the month' (when im usually completely asthma free for a few days when i have bad stomach cramps so its harder to exercise! sigh! thanks body!) hopefully i'll be able to avoid costa for the weekend and actually get some work done, i just hope that when i see my consultant monday he doesnt decide im properly on the mend, i might be but how i am this weekend wont be conclusive proof. But yeah, i goot nights sleep and some galaxy have put me in a much more positive mood and i feel able to fight my corner a bit more than i have done over the last few days! thanks for all the support!

    does anyone with similar experiences to me have any idea what the next steps might be for me treatment-wise? i seem to be on everything standard and still very poorly controlled. even if its just for the colder months i cant maintain this number of hospital admissions and uni, and i really need something to help me FEEL better, not just being at home! (if that makes sense!)

    sophs x

  • Hey soph

    Glad you're feeling a bit better :)Hope it lasts for you. Could you get another consultant? If this one doesn't believe you need help then maybe it would be better too see someone new who will help. Not sure this is possible but just a thought.

    I've found galaxy quite useful too :P The simpsons and doritios are also fairly effective treatments that you may wish to try :P



  • definitely will be looking into those treatment options, good idea Rachel :-P

    i was thinking about getting a new consultant. if he has no new suggestions for me on Monday, and i still feel uncontrolled (assuming my theophylline levels are ok) then i will probably look into getting a new consultant. i can't deal with him when i'm ill!

  • I like the sound of Rachel's treatment options! I would also suggest chocolate which apparently contains theophylline, so could boost your levels ;)

    Seriously, though, I would second the suggestion of switching consultant. There is no point having a doctor you can't deal with when you're ill, given this is going to be mostly when you see him! I actually had a couple of not very helpful consultants before I got good ones, and I basically got nowhere as they were hung up on the idea of it all being anxiety and dysfunctional breathing and refused to do anything that wasn't rather ineffective physio despite the symptoms really affecting my daily life (not the physios' fault really, they were lovely but couldn't do much in 1 session!). I'm getting on much better now that I have a doctor and physio (via a few random NHS admin/referral confusions that meant I was seeing 2 diff consultants at once for a bit) who can actually work together and listen to what I say, and aren't trying to pin anything down to anxiety - which while I'm sure is horrible if you have it, is not an issue I have and it doesn't sound like it's really a factor for you either.

    I did have to be a little assertive though and say I didn't want to go back to the same local cons when I was referred a third time as I'd not got anywhere with her and felt it would be a waste of time. AUK were really helpful in advising me what my rights and options were and what to do so (I always say this lol!) I would give them a call and they should be able to help you sort out what you need to do.

    Hope you feel better soon - can you have a break over Christmas or have you got lots of work?

  • I'm hoping to get a bit of a break over Christmas, working hard now so that i'm not too far behind when i get home. just so hard when i'm tired. also its getting rather embarrassing in the library. i listen to music while i work, but because i'm feeling really tight chested all the time i don't notice when i SOUND bad and a few people have come up to me in the past to ask why i was breathing so funny as i sometimes get a really really loud wheeze. so humiliating. but i find it hard to work in my room! lol!

    I agree that its hard being treated as an anxiety patient. My consultant says to me everytime i see him that if he were having trouble breathing he would be anxious and hyperventilate too. I just sit there and nod now, given up trying to point out that in actual fact i tend to be pretty calm under the circumstances. my resp rate is usually reasonably high, but while i wait for the paramedics i sit there and watch rubbish on TV, and if theyre giving me nebs at home i carry on watching. I'm working hard, but that doesnt mean i wanna miss the end of my programme to go to hospital! My flat mates find it hilarious as they say that they'd be freaking out. i remember as a child waking up really wheezy with a severe chest infection and even at that age (about 8) i wandered downstairs to get a drink and go to the loo before i went to tell my mum i was suffocating. becuase i've just moved to uni they think that stress is whats triggering my asthma, i have given up fighting them now. I know my limitations, i have a councellor to prove it, but i have it under control, i see a councellor to keep it that way. i have told them this repeatedly. my gp mentioned stress as a possible trigger for asthma, then looked at me wheezing a way, leaning back in my chair trying to figure out how pulse oximeters work (she was talking to the nurse in my prescence - i wasnt just ignoring her) and basically said 'although she doesn't exactly look anxious' i now say that i'm more than happy for them to refer me for therapy if thats what they want to do, and i will decide when i get the referral whether it is going to interfer too much with my uni work (although with the long therapy waiting lists, the fact that i am already recieving councelling and dont have any issues i feel i want to talk hrough id feel really horrible taking up the time of someone who is really in need of it, hopefully theyd just realise i was ok and discharge me!), but could they please ignore that until the referal comes through and treat my asthma! this keeps them quiet. i just wish theyd take on board what im saying. anxiety and asthma must be a nightmare combination, its just not one i feel like im dealing with. i'm starting to loose my confidence about going out and stuff, but whenever i do go out, i just forget about it for as long as i possibly can and enjoy myself. i just want my lungs to be well controlled enough that my lungs dont spend the evening trying to get my attention.

    if on monday i dont get anywhere with him, i might speak to a friend of mine who's resp consultant is really good and owes her a favour :-) if not, my sis is a GP, and is very good in an emergency if you need her to ring a hospital and sort stuff out. i have no idea what peope do without supportive families! makes you realise how vulnerable some people must feel! i know that im really lucky in that respect, so counting my blessings quickly while im in a good mood :-) good advice on the theophylline, think ive got some nutella, ill start on the new treatment plan stat!

    have any women on here had any experience with using contraception to help their asthma?

    thanks guys, dont know what i'd do without you :-) sophs x

  • hehe I know what you mean about staying calm! Admittedly I have not yet had a serious attack so maybe I'd freak out then, but even when I've needed to ring OOH (who have not generally been much use - they always ask me what I want without providing any helpful suggestions as to which option I should be going for), I've been vaguely irritated and a bit frustrated but not particularly panicky, which I find a bit weird tbh as I'd expect to be really.

    The people I currently see are much better about not dismissing me as 'anxiety causing symptoms, go away. The cons asked if I wanted to see their health psychologist, and specifically said not because he thought my symptoms were caused by stress but more because he thought the symptoms would cause stress and it must have been hard to deal with! I wasn't sure but saw her anyway, partly because I figured if they had any inclination to start on the anxiety thing again, it would help to have an official opinion that I do not suffer from anxiety - which I now have, as she said she doesn't need to see me again from her POV but if I ever want to I can always ask for an appt. Mostly when I see the dr/physio etc now though, they make a point of reassuring me that they don't think my problems are due to anxiety or stress, even without me saying anything!

    Sadly a lot haven't caught up to this yet, as if you Google dysfunctional breathing, even with asthma, it's always linked to stress and anxiety. I can't see why it's not possible for poor breathing from asthma to lead to a bad breathing pattern without psychological factors getting involved; like you say, it must be a nightmare when it is and I'm very lucky not to have that, but they shouldn't assume it's always present and all asthmatics must have anxiety as it doesn't seem to help much if you're after proper treatment for the asthma side of things. And they can often be so dismissive when they say it, especially given it's not their area of expertise - sometimes less like 'we want to help you' than 'it's all in your head, stop pretending you have a 'real' illness'.

    oops another ramble lol, sorry...but good luck with sorting a new cons! A sister who's a GP must be really helpful; my family are supportive but don't know the ins and outs of the system and I don't like to worry them, and I've sometimes felt quite lost, which is when here and the AUK line have been great.

  • I would definitely change consultants.

    Its something I've had to do and although I hesitated as I didn't want to have to start over again, it was the best decision ever,!

    I now have a lovely consultant who is actually going all out yo helpme, trying lots of different treatments and best of saying 'this isn't a good enough way for you to live, we will keep going and get you stable eventually'.

    Don't stick with a consultant that thinks its ok to be living with your asthma the way it is.



  • Sorry to hear you've had a rough time recently with both your asthma and your consultant!

    As others have said you did exactly the right thing and I would seriously consider changing consultants!

    I really didn't get on with my consultant back home, similarly to you I always felt he was telling me off for being ill and seeking help and just wasn't supportive at all. When I went to uni I changed to a consultant based near uni and his approach (and the whore resp team) is soo much better! Maybe because it is a specialist respiratory centre but even so I was amazed at the difference. They always go out of their way to listen to me and support me. And if I go in not too bad and am allowed to escape the next day (very rare!) it's seen as an achievement that I realised deterioration early rather than being told I wasted hospital time/beds (which is how I was made to feel with me old cons).

    Sorry if this makes no sense ... I'm ill and up coughing and nebbing so this is probably all a load of rubbish ;-)

    B x

  • I was seen by supposedly one of the best consultants in the country for.a while who basically told me it was all in my head, despite me having been in ICU several times with my asthma. So I asked for a second opinion and am now seen in Wythenshawe. While my consultant agrees I do have a degree of dysfunctional breathing, he also admits I have severe asthma and treats both instead of just fobbing me off to the physios to teach me how to breathe right. Grrrrr.

    But definitely seek a second opinion. At the end of the day your current cons doesn't have to live your life with all the restrictions placed on it by asthma. This is your health and your life and its not fair that you can't make the most of it because of a numpty consultant!

  • I am seeing my consultant tomorrow, and i'm nervous, which annoys me, i know i should be able to feel confident going in that i'm not going to be criticised. breathing has been a little up and down today, got a bit of a cough (hopefully not the start of a chest infection) making my lungs feel a little sensitive. although frankly if it makes my chest sound as bad as i feel then i'll tolerate anything to make him understand. i think the problem is he's too focused on the numbers. i know things like PF can be a great tool in working out how your lungs are doing but as i've said hundreds of times, they arent that sensitive for me. i'd choose a day where my PF is 100 but i can do as i like over a day where my PF is 550 but i cant walk down the corridor to the kitchen. My consultant doesn't seem to see it that way. I might try and express this sentiment to him. and i guess i'll have to see how it goes.i just know i'll get all upset if he doesnt do anything tommoz. he's already talking about ""accepting what i cant do anymore"" but i still feel like we're a long way from that, and that while there are still things to try i dont want to give up! i dont mind changing HOW i do things, i just dont want to change WHAT i do! if, in order to go climbing again i have to carry a bottle of oxygen and an IV of aminophylinne up the wall with me then so be it! i'd much rather do that than not climb. i guess its easy for my consultant to stand there and say it than it is for me to do it. sigh! i'll let you all know how it goes. fingers crossed! x

  • Saw resp registrar today, she's much nicer than the consultant. said my chest sounded clear but i was clearly uncontrolled. we're still trying to reduce my pred which is what i want but nothing else, i still feel like i have no answers, and i'm frustrated as i hate not being able to do ANYTHING! just a bit miserable as i know that nothing is going to change anytime soon and i am now officially fed up with this, not really sure what can be done about it at this point though. i'm seeing the asthma nurse next friday, but that feels like ages away. cant even curl up in bed with a hot chocolate as ive decided to stop giving in to my pred hunger and am on a bit of a diet to stop me getting really fat. sigh! sorry for the feeling sorry for myself, just one of those days, i'll be more cheerful tomorrow! :-( x

  • Hmm, did she make any suggestions as to what the next steps are as your asthma is uncontrolled? Have you found out if you theophylline levels are theraputic or not? I hope you can make some progress soon with your asthma and cons.

  • OOOPS! might have ended up in costa today after an extended period of denial! got a stern word from the paramedic. probably deserved it! managed to escape after some magnesium and a load of nebs, i got the impression the doc wasnt too keen to let me go, but i didnt have to sign out, and my o2 sats were good the whole time (apart from when i ate and it really really dropped but that doesnt count) anyway, hopefully my theophylinne will need upping and that could explain why my lungs arent doing so great. and the doc in A&E were really lovely, and made sure i knew that i did the right thing coming in, and that made me feel better, and she told me lots of times to come back in if im struggling. :-) not really sure what the plan for tommoz is. i dont know whether its worth doing anything as my consultant is seeing me fairly regularily, but im so used to seeing my gp after a bad attack. anyway, im exhausted now, but looking on the positive side of things, it'll hopefully show my consultant that things still aren't right! hope you guys are all ok! x

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