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Good old asthma memories

So I was just sharing with a friend, that I'm set to go home for our upcoming Thanksgiving holiday in the States, and that I'm a bit apprehensive at the idea of using my nebulizer in my mother's living room. She's not very good with illness of any kind. Three years ago I went, and used my inhalers in my room under cover. Then two years ago I had pneumonia, and just didn't go. I think this year she would be very disappointed if I cancelled, so I figure I will just take what I need and not apologize for it!

Anyways, I was reminicing about when I was growing-up, and didn't know I had asthma, but had all the symptoms. I went away to music camp for 8 weeks, in the woods. It was lovely to fall asleep at night, with the windows open and the pine air. And I love the woods. But they don't love me back! Basically I wheezed the entire time, and came up with all of these ways of creatively breathing, so that I wouldn't cough during the evening concerts I went to.

It got me to wondering if anyone else has moments where they remember having asthma as a child? And how does it come up for you today, when you're having a flare?



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