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Any ideas?

Okay I have already posted this by my phone decided that it should delete it for whatever reason :/

I have just recovered from a viral infection ( one of my main triggers) and usually I would be back to almost normal by now with only a slight cough. However this is my second one in a month - I don't know if that has something to do with it.

My best peak flow is 475

It is currently hovering around 300 - 370

I have a horrible barking cough which usually has broken to a chesty one by now since it has been a few days.

I have been taking preventer and reliever every four hours with little to no effect on the peak flow or coughing.

It never usually takes this long for me to recover.

We have a theory that due to multiple cases of chicken pox as a young child my lungs have suffered some scarring - could this be contributing to this cough?

Any ideas welcome :)

Many thanks

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If ""reliever every four hours with little to no effect on the peak flow or coughing"" and peak flow has been like that for a while then you should go to GP to check it out. Don't know about the chicken pox thing, sorry. Hope you feeel better soon. x


Thanks, I think I'll be making an appointment ASAP


Great, tell them how often and how much you're using your reliever and that it's having little effect on symptoms and peak flow. Oh, and tell them that your peak flow's been like that for a while. Hope appoinment goes well


I've got an appointment for ten past one today so hopefully it'll get sorted :)


Doc gave me amoxicillin and cough syrup lets hope that it works :)


Hi Faren,

I hope you start to feel better soon.



Thanks, yeah so do I, since taking three doses today I seem to be coughing more...

I hope all is well with you as well :)



I've had a few viral infections since September! My best is very similar to yours at 480! Lurked for quite a few weeks at 320-360, with a few down to 300! Worse though was the symptoms of cough, wheeze, tightness and no sleep.

I relied heavily on bucket loads of Salbutamol and Symbicort; thought I was doing well apart from finding that almost everything was triggering me. I suspect that it was because things were getting so out of control.

Things very bad for me this week, now on Sizeable doses of inhaled steroids, Oral steroids, Antibiotics, Montelukast and Theophylline; wish I'd got help a bit sooner! Might have avoided some of my most recent problems.



I hope you're feeling better soon. I understand how horrible you must be feeling.

Currently I'm on amoxicillin and some cough linctus. Unfortunately the ""wonder drug"" doesn't seem to be working as quickly as I would like (I'm a very impatient person), I've had no change in the two days I've been taking it lol. I am currently coping with ventolin and Qvar 50, two puffs every four hours. This has had little to no effect on my peak flow or cough.

Before I went to the doctors my mum, who is a practicing nurse, listened to my chest through the stethoscope that we have had lying around for years. She doesn't think I have a chest infection, yet my GP disagrees.

I'm currently have a barking cough, occasional shortness of breath (when walking up the stairs usually), little to no sleep & the sleep that I do get isn't the best and not much of an appetite.

In regards to ""almost everything triggering you"" have you invested in an air filter, I got one a few years back and currently swear by it, especially considering when congested you can add decongestant drops which are meant for pillows.

I hope you feel better soon.


Hello Again, I just thought I'd give you all an update.

Day four of antibiotics and the barking cough hasn't changed, if anything it's worse than it was before. My peak flow is more or less the same, if not a bit lower at 270-340.

I'm going back to the doctors tomorrow and hopefully get this sorted, I've missed way too much of 6th form already.


Going back to the doctors sounds like a good plan. Good luck. Hope you get better soon. x


Just got back from the docs

I have to finish the course of antibiotics and he has changed my inhaler to a Seretide 100mg ( it kinds looks like a spaceship to me lol)

He gave me a sick note so I won't have to school breathing down the back of my neck :)


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