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Hello :)

Hi there,

Newbie here! :)

Yesterday at 22 (23 today) I get a birthday present I was not expecting and was diagnosed with Asthma. I am not upset about this, infact I am just so glad to have an answer at last, let me explain briefly.

About 18 months ago (April 2011) I came down with hayfever for the 1st time. Once that had cleared up, I had chest infection. However I was left with this terrible cough and wheezy breathing.

I didn't think much of it if am honest and presumed it would clear up. I catch most bugs going around so this was nothing unusual. I couldn't exercise as it would make it worse. I had signed up to run a 5k in the June and did it. However this made the symptoms worse and I ended up short for breath. Yet I still didn't see a GP. Over the next few months, if it wasn't the cough then I was wheezy and short for breath. This went on until the end of September where I was so bad that I decided one Sunday to take my self to a+E, I was given steroids which cleared up some of my symptoms but I was admitted - bloods taken, ecg, x ray. The result was ""take a lemsip"". I think I felt like such a nuisance that I didn't even argue about. Still unable to breathe properly, I left a+e. I suffered for 13 months with this cough and wheezy breathing. Then this weekend I was unable to move and could not sleep due to not being able to breath properly.

I booked a GP appointment and have now been diagnosed with asthma. I am just relieved to have an answer and have a solution should it get so bad again.

The point of my post and sorry it is so long. I wasn't given any info on asthma. I have educated myself today. But I have steroids for 5 days then a reliever inhaler. She advised to come back in 2 -4 weeks.

I am concerned though that once the steroids finish on Saturday it will all return. I took steroids today but before going to bed suffered a coughing fit and could not get my breath back. Using the reliever inhaler I was able to get it under control. Amazing btw!

I suppose my question is what to expect next? I really am a little clueless on it all!

Thanks for listening! Sorry it is so long!

Also asthma at 22 - who knew that was even possible!

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Hello and welcome!

My 1st bit of advice is to give the amazing auk nurses a call in the freephone number. They are amazingly knowledgeable and friendly and will be able ti give lots of helpful info.

Secondly, does your surgery have an asthma nurse? Most do (if not a gp with a special interest in asthma). They should be seeing you regularly, checking your peak flow (if your gp hasn't prescribed a peak flow for you ask for one as for most asthmatics this can help you get to grips with how well your asthma is being controlled) qnd tweaking meds accordingly if needed.

As fir the steroids you really only want these short term. The side effects of long term steroids are not nice .

I really do urge you ti call the asthma uk nurses, they are fab and no question us silly!!






Answer to what to expect next, well, expect to go back and forth to the GP or asthma nurse for a while. You might try a preventer first and if that doesn't do the job then a long acting reliever. After that there are some add ons, but these aren't needed very often. It might take a little while of trying different things, but you should be able to get the symptoms down to a minimum. I hope you get sorted soon. x


Pretty much agree with everything Angelica has said - including the happy birthday!

I know what you mean about diagnosis being a relief, even if not the best b-day present ever. And I've called the nurses a few times and rambled at them - they never seem to mind and have always been really helpful.

One thing I would add is that though like Angelica says you don't want to be on the oral steroids long-term - they're more of an 'emergency rescue' kind of thing ideally - when you see the dr next you may well be prescribed a steroid inhaler. This doesn't have the same side effects as the oral ones as it's only going into your lungs, but it can be very effective at keeping the asthma under control; if not, there are several other things you can try in addition.

Really hope you get things under control soon - it's miserable when you can't and really affects lots of things even when not severe.


Hi guys,

Firstly sorry for the late reply and secondly thanks for replying! :)

I haven't called the Asthma helpline as I am not really sure what I would say!

I think what I meant about the oral steroids was I was worried what would happen once I was of them and how my Asthma would be. I finished the steroids over a week ago now and to be honest I was fine for about 2 days, then I appear to have caught my BFs cold. Great! It's been a week of hell and I had my 1st proper attack outside out of nowhere really. Just a wee bit fed up of it all!!

I haven't been back to the GP and have been using the inhaler the GP gave me as and when I have needed it. The inhaler the GP gave me states it's a reliever inhaler which I can use 2 puffs up to 3 times a day. Some days are not as bad as others but I am so wheezy and I cannot shift the cough which is really annoying. Also after using the inhaler I get so thirsty anyone else get this? The next day my throat is also usually really sore too! Just some side effect I guess I will need to get used to. :(!

I am planning on seeing the GP this week, I don't believe we have an Asthma nurse or GP to be honest so it's just what ever the GP thinks, so I shall see what she says on Thursday!

Sorry again for the late reply, but I thought since I couldn't sleep I should let you helpful folks know how I am doing!

Thanks again!! :)! Tc x



Happy Birthday!

Also, the Asthma UK nurses are totally brilliant in the advice they give. I'm sure if you given them a call they will be able to help you massively. They also can send out some very helpful publications so they are definately work speaking to; I've phoned and emailed a few times and their service is second to none!

Good luck with the GP appointment; it's worth asking if any of the GP's or practice nurses have a special interest in Asthma as that can be a massive help!


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Hey Guys my name is Lomewbartho.I am a newely join person on this forum.I search this forum through search engine.I am living in Canada.My hobby is playing snooker,riding bikes and also help poor and needy person.I shall do my best to participate in this forum for like a human.good luck!!

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