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interesting observation

I've had a cold for a while so my breathing's not been wonderful but i've been coping ok

tonight i've been horse riding, took my ventolin beforehand and thought i was ok, i did cough more than i normally do in a riding lesson but i was breathing and talking absolutely fine

On the way home i was listening to the radio and realised i didn't have enough breath to sing along - even though i wasn't particularly aware that i was struggling :-s Took my inhaler (while sat at traffic lights LOL) and a short while later i was happily singing along again :-)

Ah well i have another indicator of wellness or otherwise hahaha

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lol I once realised I needed reliever when I hadn't thought I did because I was trying to show my friend how to make a huge blade of grass squeal! Couldn't get a note out and normally I always succeed; my friend was happily blowing away the way I'd shown her and making a racket!

Took some reliever, waited a bit and there was my blade squealing away too. Maybe I'll suggest that as an alternative to LF tests. If I have to suffer doing them, so should they from the noise lol...


haha philomela i like that idea - we need to add musical activities into LF tests (not that i've ever done LF)


He he he ladies!!

I have the same jinglefairy. Many a time I think I'm ok then realize I can't sing along (well screech) in my usual way.



after last week's cold today was the first day i'd not needed my inhaler at all (yaay), at the end of my dancing lesson Ann (my teacher) put on a timestep routine, i'd asked her if i could do the other timestep routine faster than normal so she started speeding up this one too haha by the end of the routine my breathing was dodgy so laughing (well as much as you can laugh when you can't breathe) i told ann she'd finished me off and she laughed saying ""well you wouldn't have it any other way"" hahahaha

When i got back to the car i took my inhaler but it actually took 4 puffs rather than the normal 2 to get me back to normal - oops! i may have just had the 2 puffs if i was only going home but i was going teaching so figured my breathing needed to be free and easy to possibly play the clarinet with lucy

ah well


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