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Dust mites tips

Ok, so here we go, I wasn't sure which area to put this in, parents and carers? medical? off topic? general?

My dog has recently had some allergy tests done because he is extremely itchy, and it has come back that he is allergic to dust mites and storage mites. Dust mites are not a known problem for me but it won't hurt me, and will definitely help my dog, to reduce them in the environment.

I thought this might be the perfect place to ask for advice.

Any tips on reducing the effects of dust mites in my home so my dog is less itchy and i am potentially less asthma-y?

Thank you


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Hello Button

All I can think to suggest is that you wash your dogs bedding at 60 and any soft toys at 60 or put them in the deep freeze to kill off any dust mites. I hope your poor dog stops itching!

Good luck



Hi Button,

Some things I do:

- Use a damp cloth to dust, it stops it being swept around

- Maybe get an allergenic unfriendly vacumn cleaner, I use a dyson but I think there are others

- I love my steamer! Its also a bit useful if I'm struggling a bit with the asthma. Someone might confirm this, but I think the dust mites don't like the heat?

- As already said with the bedding, I use allergy ones but not sure they'd work for dogs (am very allergic to dogs so don't know much about them)

- What does an itchy dog sleep in? I'd make sure its easy to wipe down. Bit like vacuming your mattress I think?

- Dust mites don't like the cold. If he has any fave toys that are cuddly/material, it might help to put them in the freezer for a while every now and then

I hope some of that helps, appologies if some is obvious!


Hi Button (LOVE the name, by the way)

Clarebear and TS have got it spot on. The main thing is to get the vacuum cleaner out every day, not forgetting to do under the furniture etc. It's quite a chore I know, but you will see a difference very quickly. I tend not to dust at all, but vacuum all the shelves, the TV, computer etc.

Having said you need to do this every day, you will find that as your dog gets better you'll be able to reduce the number of times you drag out the furniture to clean underneath and behind it, possibly to once a week, while just putting the vacuum over the easy to reach parts of the room for the rest of the time.


last year I bought my cat a new bed which made her start scratching

I washed it but she still scratched

so I threw it away

it was covered in a lovely soft nylon fur type material

I bought her a different one and she was fine straight away


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